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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

COE Committees

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College of Education Advisory Boards/Committees

Charge of the COE advisory boards: The advisory boards assist the college in advancing its mission. The advisory board chairs provide updates/recommendations to the Leadership Council.

Supporting committees/work groups are established to focus on specific tasks and functions that assist the advisory board in advancing the college’s work—the types and number of committees/workgroups will fluctuate to meet ongoing changes occurring within the college and university.

Accreditation and Assessment Advisory Board

Guide oversight of college and program accreditation. Work with the Office of Assessment and Research as well as the college accreditation coordinator to orchestrate ongoing development and use of data for continuous improvement.

Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Board

Guide the college with instructional and curricular changes that reflect research-based decision-making, support state licensing requirements, reflect 21st century learning principles/skills, and address student learning outcomes, assessment for learning, and effective teaching.

Supporting Committees/Work Groups

  • Curriculum Committee
  • Technology Committee

Intercultural Competency and Development Advisory Board

Guide the college in advancing a learning community that welcomes, values, supports and respects all persons and promotes an environment free of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Guide the college in focusing on access and equity.

Supporting Committees/Work Groups

  • Intercultural Research group

Policy, Procedure and Review Advisory Board

Guide the college in the development of a culture of professionalism that involves a high level of expectation from candidates and faculty; guide the development and implementation of college level policies; serve as a unit level appeals body.

Supporting Committees/Work Groups

  • Scholarship workgroup
  • Commencement workgroup

Professional Partnership and Support Advisory Board

Guide the college in developing a culture of partnership, support and research that contributes to the profession, supports candidate and faculty research, and meets the needs of 21st education

Supporting Committees/Work Groups

  • Research Committee
  • CTTL Steering Committee