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Criminal background checks for licensure

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Criminal Background Checks for Licensure

General Information - Minnesota Statutes 2004 - 122A.18 Board to issue licenses.

The Board of Teaching and the commissioner of education must request a criminal history background check from the superintendent of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension on all applicants for initial licenses under their jurisdiction. An application for a license under this section must be accompanied by:

  • an executed criminal history consent form, including fingerprints; and
  • a money order or cashier's check payable to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
  • for the fee for conducting the criminal history background check.

The superintendent of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension shall perform the background check required under paragraph (a) by retrieving criminal history data maintained in the criminal justice information system computers and shall also conduct a search of the national criminal records repository, including the criminal justice data communications network. The superintendent is authorized to exchange fingerprints with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for purposes of the criminal history check. The superintendent shall recover the cost to the bureau of a background check through the fee charged to the applicant under paragraph (a). (c) The Board of Teaching or the commissioner of education may issue a license pending completion of a background check under this subdivision, but must notify the individual that the individual's license may be revoked based on the result of the background check.

For Further Information

Faculty Responsibility

  • Remain current on criminal background check procedure
  • Direct student to appropriate resources for completing applications