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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Complaint Reporting Procedure

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General Information

The Complaint Log Form is a tracking slip that is to be completed by MSU Faculty or Staff. Possible complaints have included insufficient information presented in classes, concern with program quality or with professional conduct on part of faculty or staff. Please use the form any time that a complaint is registered. If it is appropriate for you to do so, please attempt to resolve the issue, or pass the complaint, along with the completed form, on to the appropriate MSU employee. Information on the completed form will assist the receiving MSU employee to communicate promptly and effectively. When the issue has been resolved, please forward the form with a copy of all correspondence to the Dean's Office. The information will be stored in a file in 118 Armstrong Hall.

Faculty Responsibility
  • Faculty/staff person take information and complete log form
  • Route log form through correct channels
  • May have to follow up on complaint