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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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To ensure successful program completion, the College of Education has identified dispositions (attitudes) considered to be the hallmark of professional behavior. Professional Education candidate dispositions are assessed through documentation of behavior during admissions, throughout the education program, and at the program completion.

General Information

Individual programs have specific criteria; see specific department requirements. 

Levels of Assessment:

  • Unaware - behaviors do not reflect the disposition or attribute. Candidate may be unaware of need for the disposition.
  • Developing - behaviors begin to reflect the disposition but implementation is not always consistent or successful.
  • Meets Expectations - Behaviors consistently reflect the dispositions.
  • Exceeds Expectations- behaviors frequently go above and beyond expectations and demonstrate effective leadership or the ability to be proactive. 

Faculty Responsibility

  • Ongoing monitoring of candidates
  • Assessment of problematic behavior and determination of level of intervention
  • Informal discussion of unsatisfactory performance
  • Submission of Communication of Concern when required
  • Participate in development of Student Assistance Plan when necessary