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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Clinical Expectancies for Initial Licensure

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Field Experiences for Initial Licensure

General Information

Field Experiences vary according to candidate's place in the program; please see For Further Information below for links to the exact standards. In general, field experiences include but are not limited to:

  • Tutoring in after-school programs
  • Observation and assistance in classroom setting
  • Small group/whole class instruction
  • Planning and preparing lesson plans
  • Creating a positive and respectful learning environment
  • Model professional behavior
  • Engage in action research

Initial Licensure - Field Experience Placement Procedures

Field Experience placement procedures vary according to the course the candidate is enrolled in. Please see For Further Information below for links to full procedures. In general:

  • Block Field Experiences - Courses that have been scheduled as a block to provide class meeting time to work at a clinical site. The Office of Field Experiences and Student Teaching will work with Departments and faculty to locate sites. Faculty are responsible for working with the principal and host teachers to collaboratively set dates and communicate expectations
  • Individual Field Experiences - Courses that are not scheduled in blocks but which require individual placement of student at several host schools. Principals at willing host schools will contact faculty with interested students.
  • Class Visits - An entire class visits a school during a class session. This process is facilitated through the Offices of Field Experiences and Student Teaching.
  • Tutoring - Courses requiring personal individual tutoring to K-12 students. The Office of Field Experiences and Student Teaching has a list of schools interested in this service.

For Further Information

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Faculty work in collaboration with the Office of Field Experiences and Student Teaching for all school placements
  • Faculty communicate with administrators and teachers on site once the placements have been made