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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

General Licensure Information

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General Information

Each state sets it own requirements for standards, courses and tests for teacher licensure. Teacher applicant scores and course work that meet the requirements of one state may not meet the requirements in other states. There is no automatic transfer of teacher certification eligibility across state lines.

The College of Education at Minnesota State University, Mankato does not require its graduates to apply for Minnesota licensure. We do, however, strongly recommend this course of action for the two reasons

  • Having the initial licensure may make it easier to obtain licensure in another state - and actually some states require certification applicants to show either a license, or letter of eligibility for certification, from the state where they completed their teacher education program.
  • Licensure requirements change over time. Too long a time period between course work and licensure application may mean returning to school to meet the new requirements.

For Further Information

Faculty Responsibility

  • Inform students of licensing concerns
  • Assist students through licensing process