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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student assistance plan and process

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General Information

Student Assistance Plans are designed to bring the resources of the University and the student together to address potential problems before they become serious concerns. Student Assistance Plans are not designed to penalize the students but rather to improve the candidate's chances for success. A concern can be completed at any point from initial enrollment through completion of the program. Intervention strategies range from informal discussion with candidate to repeating a clinical experience.

  • Student Assistance Plans - the assistance plan outlines intervention strategies designed to remediate the problem identified. The assistance plan will also specify any limitations or prohibitions on the student's ability to enroll in subsequent courses or internship experience prior to meeting all conditions of the plan. Students must sign the Assistance Plan indicating agreement. Copies of student assistance plans are submitted to the Dean's office
  • Appeal Procedures - students wishing to refute an oral and/or written notice of concerns or challenge an assistance plan may submit a written appeal to the Professional Education Review Board.

For Further Information

Faculty Responsibility

  • Ongoing assessment of candidates' academic performance, dispositions and professional behavior
  • Initiation of discussion for intervention strategies
  • Participation on development of student assistance plans