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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Teaching admission

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Student Teaching Admission

All students are required to complete student teaching in the licensure field and level for which they are to be recommended for licensure. Student teaching is a 16-week program.

General Information


• Student has been admitted to Professional Education.
• Student has completed all coursework in major and General Education requirements.
• Student maintains cumulative GPA as required by your program.
• Student earns grades of "C" or better for all program requirements.
• Completion of all methods and professional education course work.
• Completion and validation of formal application materials one year prior to student teaching semester (obtain specific dates from 119 Armstrong Hall).
• Attendance at all preliminary student teaching meeting(s).
• Recommendation of advisor.
• Approval of placement by school district administration, a mentor teacher, and Director of the Office of Field and International Experience.
• Completion of National Background Check.

For further information

Office of Field and International Experience

Faculty Responsibility

• Faculty advisors are responsible for reviewing transcripts for course completion and professional behaviors.
• Office of Field and International Experience will check previous field experience evaluations.
• Faculty advisor will sign applications to verify completion of coursework prior to student teaching.
• Faculty advisor should keep a note of who they have approved and communicate with the Office of Field and International Experience if there are questions or concerns.