Orientation to Professional Education

Page address: http://ed.mnsu.edu/advising/admission/onlineprofed.html

Applications are due the last Friday in September (September 26, 2014) for Spring semester 2015 designated for professional education course enrollment, and the lastt Friday in February (February 27, 2015) for Fall semester 2015 designated for professional education course enrollment.  All supporting admission requirements must be submitted by the application deadline date in order for the applicant to be considered for admission.

Our current policy requires all initial teacher licensure candidates to attend an orientation and apply for Professional Education. Part of the Orientation to Professional Education is the application and assessment of your skills and disposition. During the orientation a Diagnostic Skills Test (DST) will be administered as a pre-condition for admission to professional education. The purpose is to assess written communication skills, which are important skills for a practicing teacher (writing notes for parents, letters to other teachers or the superintendent, etc.).

To participate in the orientation and complete the application to professional education you will need the following:

1. Your Tech ID

2. Your Pin #

3. MyWritingLab; this may be purchased through the MSU bookstore (507-389-1649)

The orientation to professional education will take approximately two to three hours to complete and consists of the following:

1. On-line application

2. Completion of an on-line survey, and Diagnostic Skills Test (DST)

3. Verification of Basic Skills exam

4. Verification of Professional Liability Insurance

5. Background Check

Online Survey

The online survey will take about 30 minutes to complete and asks background information and prior experiences.

Diagnostic Skills Test

The Diagnostic Skills Test (DST) is a timed 90 minute exam that is comprised of 85 questions. The DST comprehensively assesses student skills in grammar. The test covers topics such as subject verb agreement, varying sentence structure, and paragraph development, and is taken through MyWritingLab. Based on the test results, an individualized curriculum will be generated. (More information on the individualized curriculum can be found in the MyWritingLab Workshops Link.)

Note: Failure to attend and complete requirements, will result in your application not be processed or accepted.

The department will recommend for admission only those applicants who submit a complete application process.


Application deadline must be adhered to for consideration of the upcoming semester's coursework enrollment. For further information, contact Jill Ryan in the COE Advising Office, 117 Armstrong Hall, 507-389-1215