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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Department Mission Statement

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The primary mission of the Counseling and Student Personnel (CSP) Department is to prepare students who will become professional counseling practitioners at the master’s and doctoral levels. The intent of the program is to prepare professionals who can serve regionally, nationally, and internationally to meet the needs of a pluralistic society. CSP graduates will embody qualities of respect, honesty, and integrity, while maintaining high standards and fostering caring relationships within a wider global community.

The mission of the department is achieved by the implementation of department goals and objectives, which are:

Department Goals & Objectives

  1. Goal 1. To offer quality, CACREP accredited graduate programs for prospective helping professionals.
    1. Objective 1.1 – Ensure that students’ educational experiences will meet CACREP knowledge, skills, and practice standards.
    2. Objective 1.2 – Develop and implement assessment methods to ensure students’ acquisition of knowledge, skills, and practices in respective CACREP areas.
  2. Goal 2. To modify programs, courses, and activities based on input provided by students, alumnae, supervisors, employers, and faculty to reflect the changing needs of the community and society.
    1. Objective 2.1 – Conduct regularly scheduled assessments that include the following stakeholders: students, alumnae, supervisors, employers, and faculty; and modify programs and curriculum based on the data.
  3. Goal 3. To provide experiences to enhance both the personal and professional development of graduate students.
    1. Objective 3.1 – Integrate personal awareness into the curriculum through reflective assignments, high quality supervision, faculty mentoring, and experiential learning opportunities.
    2. Objective 3.2 – Assess the personal and professional development of graduate students at designated transition points.
  4. Goal 4. To embrace a culture of ongoing assessment to continually improve the CSP department.
    1. Objective 4.1 – Conduct and document regular ongoing discussions concerning curriculum, programmatic issues, supervisor development, internship experiences, and student concerns.
  5. Goal 5. To develop students who will serve as active professionals, advocates, and leaders in the broader professional community.
    1. Objective 5.1 – Encourage students to actively identify with the counseling profession by participating in professional organizations and experiences related to research, advocacy, and relevant professional practice.