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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Cohort Information

Cohort programs have been developed as an opportunity to complete a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership or a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership with licensure.

Licensure Areas

  • Director of Special Education (specialist)
  • K–12 Principal (specialist)
  • Superintendent (specialist)
  • Director of Community Education (masters)


Minnesota State University Mankato prepares candidates for administrative licensure in the following areas; K-12 Principals, Superintendents, Director of Special Education and Director of Community Education. MNSU’s Administrative Licensure program is compliant with all requirements per Minnesota Administrative Rule, 3512, Licensure of School Personnel.

 Cohort Learning Groups Offer

  • Initial competency assessments for each cohort member in the area of licensure or degree
  • A "learning community" experience throughout the program to foster engaged learning among cohort members and MSU faculty
  • A planned schedule of coursework with a defined beginning and ending date.

Program format and schedule

A suggested program schedule will be structured to meet the needs of the cohort members. Modifications of this suggested schedule can occur based on the cohort group.

Instructional strategies and schedule will consist of onsite learning and the use of technology. Technology methods may involve discussion boards, chat rooms, email and video.


Current Cohort Plans of Study For Specialist Degree with Licensure:

COHORTS IN PROGRESS (Please refresh your browser prior to selecting links):

COHORTS FORMING NOW (Please refresh your browser prior to selecting links):

  • [DOC] Plan 33-Edina (94 KiB) (Spring 2018 through Summer 2019)
  • [PDF] Plan 34-Edina (650 KiB) (Summer 2018 through Fall 2019) **This cohort is tentative - based on enrollment numbers for the Summer term)


For information on a cohort, contact: 

Specialist Program/Licensing Coordinator   
Dr. Jinger Gustafson:
Phone: 952-818-8891
    Note: Dr. Gustafson's office is located at 7700 France Ave., Edina, MN




Note: We are considering adding a cohort that would begin in the summer. If you are interested in beginning in the summer, please reach out to Dr. Jinger Gustafson at the email or phone number provided above.