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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Second or Additional Licensure

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Second or Additional Administrative Licensure


K–12 Principal, Special Education Director, Community Education Director, or an extension to K–12 by a currently licensed (elementary) or (secondary) principal can be obtained through a second administrative license.

Minimum requirements:
  • Must meet the required coursework for the program pursued. Make an appointment with the Licensing Coordinator for an advisement session, and bring copies of all graduate transcripts and state licenses.


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Seeking Superintendent as a Second or Additional Administrative License:


Apply Now!

  • Apply for admission as non-degree seeking to the College of Graduate Studies and Research
  • [PDF] Apply (628 KiB) for Aspiring Superintendent Licensure Program (Fall 2018 - Summer 2019)

Minnesota State University Mankato prepares candidates for administrative licensure in the following areas; K-12 Principals, Superintendents, Director of Special Education and Director of Community Education. MNSU’s Administrative Licensure program is compliant with all requirements per Minnesota Administrative Rule, 3512, Licensure of School Personnel.

About Teaching Licensure:

The Department of Educational Leadership does not offer any programs for teaching licensure. For information about teaching licensure, please refer to this page under the College of Education to find the contact information of the appropriate department.