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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Success Stories

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Tierra Walker-Jorgenson recipient of an award from the Annexstad Foundation

Dr. Beth Beschorner has three new publications:

  • Hall, A., Boyer, D. M., & Beschorner, B. (In press). Examining kindergarten students’ use of and interest in informational text. Early Childhood Education Journal.
  • Beschorner, B. & Hutchison, A. (2016). Parent education for dialogic reading: Online and face-to-face delivery methods. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 30(3), 374-388.
  • Beschorner, B. & Kruse, J. (2016). Using a technology integration planning cycle for lesson planning for literacy instruction. International Journal of Mathematics, Science, and Technology, 4(4), 258-270. DOI: 10.18404/ijemst. 33516.

Dr. Elizabeth Sandell and Dr. Lisa Vasquez were invited to be contributors to an educational think-tank in Russia.

Dr. Elizabeth Sandell has a new publication in a Russian journal.

  • Sandell, E. J., Klypa, O. V., Lohrenz, E. A., and Voskresensky, O. (2016). Comparison of inter-cultural competency between Russian and American university students. Otechestvennaya i Zarubezhnaya Pedagogika. [Journal of Domestic and Foreign Pedagogy], 4(4).

Dr. Lori Piowlski has had a book chapter accepted:

  • Utilizing Student’s Assets to Enhance Student Engagement: A Culturally Proficient Approach in 21st Century Schools & Classrooms to be part of Challenges Associated with Cross-Cultural and At-Risk Student Engagement
Success with iTutoring

Our teacher candidates impacting elementary learners

For the past five years, MSU Elementary Education teacher candidates have been tutoring struggling elementary readers in partnership with the Sibley-East School District. Unlike most tutoring which is face-to-face, iTutoring involves the MSU teacher candidate interacting with the elementary student via the Facetime app on an iPad. The tutoring is rather intense with 20 to 25 minutes sessions four times per week, for six to eight weeks. The focus of the tutoring is on fluency, which involves accurate, automatic reading with expression. Originally, MSU teacher candidates taking Block 3 served as tutors. With program changes teacher candidates in Block 2 now serve as tutors. Fortunately, the change in the timing of the tutoring has not affected the impact of the iTutoring experience.

Feedback from our school partners at Sibley-East shows that median growth was 22.5 words per minute with 14 students improving by 20 words or more per minute. It was noted that iTutors were always on time and had friendly, positive interactions with students, producing lots of smiles from these struggling readers.