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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Program Description

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A Unique Opportunity

  • A group composed of your peers working cooperatively to achieve similar goals
  • An immersion experience in culturally diverse settings
  • A full-time commitment of four semesters to obtain a B.S.T. degree in Elementary Education and teaching licensure
  • Field experiences in elementary schools

Program Strengths

  • An academic package designed to satisfy licensure requirements for K-6
  • On-site Coordinator at Normandale Community College
  • Performance-based assessment and learning (Coursework)
  • Experience gained in diverse elementary student populations
  • Limited enrollment to insure space in class

Program Structure

How does this work?

  • A Learning Community formed of students with shared interests
  • Coursework offered at Normandale Community College
  • Intensive student teaching experiences in a variety of urban schools
  • School-site seminars conducted in collaboration with K-6 educators
  • Exceptional cooperating schools selected for student teaching experience

When are courses offered?

  • Monday through Thursday (morning or afternoon)
  • Friday morning class times
  • Full-time programs of course work

How often do students in the program work in schools for Field Experiences?

  • Work in the elementary school four hours per day Monday through Friday
  • Three-four weeks consecutively during the middle of the term
  • Field experiences each semester of program

How long is the Student Teaching Experience?

  • Full-time teaching in the elementary schools
  • Full-semester commitment

Program of Study

  • K-6