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Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Page address: http://ed.mnsu.edu/eec/programs/grad/faqs.html

 What is the next deadline for applications?


Is the GRE required for admission?


How much teaching experience do I need?


Can I take classes before I'm accepted into the program?


What application materials are required for the program?


Does this degree lead to certification?

  • The Master of Education in Reading leads to a K-12 Reading Teacher License endorsement.
  • The Graduate Certificate in Reading allows teachers who are already licensed to earn a K-12 Reading Teacher License endorsement.


How do I register for courses?
http://www.mnsu.edu/registrar/registration.html for the most up-to-date information on how to register for courses. Registration procedures are also listed on page two of the 2009-2011 Graduate Studies Bulletin. If you have questions about which courses to register for you should contact your advisor.


How do I find out advising information?
You can find advising information here: http://ed.mnsu.edu/eec/graduateadvising.html. If you have an assigned advisor, you may directly contact him or her via email or phone. Faculty contact information can be found at http://ed.mnsu.edu/eec/faculty/.


How do I get my program of study completed and filed?
Once admitted, students work with their advisor to develop a Plan of Study. The plan is signed by the student, advisor and committee. Students are not required to have a Plan of Study, but a plan serves as a useful guide to students as they progress through their program.


How many years do I have to do the full master’s degree?
All work for a master’s degree must be completed within a six-year period. That means once the first course is taken, the clock starts ticking.


How many credits is the degree?
The M.S. degree requires 34 credits.


How many credits or courses would I need to take to qualify for financial aid?
To qualify for financial aid, graduate students need to take at least 6 credits.


Do I have to be admitted to a program as a graduate student if I just want to take the licensure coursework?
All students must be admitted to the reading program even if they want to take the licensure courses only. Our accreditation and state approvals require that students be fully admitted to a program. The licensure program is called a certificate. When completing the Graduate Studies application, applicants mark the degree-seeking and the certificate boxes.


What if I want to do the reading licensure now and possibly finish the master’s degree later?
Applicants are encouraged to apply for the full master’s degree if that is a possibility. Students can frontload the licensure coursework and then continue with the master’s degree coursework at a later point without having to reapply to Graduate Studies for a second program.


Can I transfer courses from another institution and have them apply to my reading licensure program?
Courses for licensure are evaluated based on how closely their content and depth align with the standards for the reading licensure. These courses are considered on a case-by-case basis. Generally, a course description and syllabus are reviewed as part of the evaluation.


Can I transfer courses from another institution and have them apply to my reading master’s program?
The university allows up to 10 credits of graduate work to be transferred into a program. Up to 16 credits can be transferred from other Minnesota State institutions. Transfer courses are evaluated based on their alignment with the master’s program requirements.


When do semesters begin?
See the university calendar for specific start dates at  http://www.mnsu.edu/registrar/dates.html


How long does it take to go through the program?
Students complete the licensure program in one calendar year if they take two courses each term. Most students complete the program within 15 months.


Does this program lead to an initial teaching license for those who have not had a teaching license previously?
This program is not an option for those who are seeking a first teaching license. The university offers that option through the departments of Special Education and K-12 and Secondary Programs. The K-12 reading teacher field is an endorsement that can only be added to an existing license.


Are there clinical experiences or student teaching required for the reading licensure?
Several of the courses involve teaching lessons or testing and tutoring. For these experiences students in the program can work with learners in their own districts. For those not currently teaching our office can facilitate a placement. The practicum is done towards the end of the program and does not require a full-time commitment.


Does this program offer an option for two-year college faculty from Minnesota State?
Faculty who want to meet Minnesota State credentials for teaching developmental reading can achieve that through the reading licensure program. They are not required to have a teaching license. All clinical experiences are completed with learners at the two-year college level.


Is there a licensure exam required for the license?
The Minnesota Board of Teaching requires candidates for the K-12 Reading Teacher licensure to pass the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examination (MTLE) for the field.


How do I apply?