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Reading Licensure FAQ

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How do I apply?

Applicants apply for admission through the College of Graduate Studies. You can apply for admission online as a degree seeking student. All application materials should be submitted to Graduate Studies. You may find complete instructions at, or call (507) 389-5974.

Where do I send my Recommendation Forms?

These forms should be completed by a school administrator and a colleague familiar with your work with students. The recommendation forms should be sent to Dr. Maureen Prenn. 328 Armstrong Hall, Mankato, MN 56001.

I only want the reading license and not the Master’s degree. Can I apply as a non-degree seeking student?

Applicants interested in working towards the reading license should apply to the graduate certificate program. The certificate program will allow you to be recognized as a graduate student by the University for Financial Aid and other purposes. If you apply as a non-degree seeking student, you will only be able to take one course in the program.

Can I take courses in the program without being admitted?

MSU students who are not admitted to the program can take one course in the program.

How long will the program take?

The Reading Licensure program is a 12 -15 month graduate level program. The coursework can be used as part of a Master's degree in Reading or as a licensure endorsement.

Where do I begin?

Following admission to the College of Graduate Studies you will start signing up for the necessary sequence of courses. See Course Requirements for details on the classes.

Are there other requirements?

This is a licensure endorsement and can only be added to existing classroom teaching licensure. Also, all K-12 Reading Teacher licensure candidates must pass the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examination (MTLE) for the Reading Teacher K-12.

When should I take the MTLE exam?

You need to pass the Reading Teacher Licensure examination towards the end of your coursework. More information on the content of the test and sample items can be found at

How does the practicum work?

The practicum is done at your current district with students at the appropriate levels. Expectations are that you will work in-depth with individual students. Activities consist of testing individual students and writing a diagnostic report and instructional recommendations. Other requirements may be fulfilled at your school site.

How do online courses work?

Our courses use our D2L (Desire2Learn) platform. System support requirements can be found at Our courses are designed to be asynchronous which means that the material is always accessible. There are no required times to be online, you may access course content at your convenience.

Can I take a course if I am not part of the program?

Students who are not admitted to a program may take one course only.

Is the program accredited?

The program is approval by the Minnesota Board of Teaching and the Education Unit holds NCATE accreditation

I heard that the state of Minnesota is moving to a new reading license. How does that affect me?


Students currently in the program will have until August 30, 2012 to complete the current standards. However, our program has already moved to the new standards.


How can I get more information?

Please Contact:

Dr. Maureen Prenn, Graduate Coordinator
Department of Elementary & Early Childhood Education
Minnesota State University, Mankato
328 Armstrong Hall,
Mankato, MN 56001
Phone: (507) 389-5447
Fax: (507) 389-5853