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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

M.S. Elementary Education

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The Master of Science in Elementary Education emphasizes curriculum planning and improvement of teaching skills. The program is available to Elementary teachers who wish to broaden their base of knowledge, enhance their classroom performance and better serve the needs of their students. Students choose to specialize in a particular track. The thesis, alternate plan, or creative project may be followed.


Elementary Education M.S.

Category Credit subtotals
Common Core 6

EEC 616 (3) Integrating 21st Century Skills in the Diverse Classroom

EEC 635 Analysis of Research in Education

Research/Methods Course(s) 3
EEC 610 (3) Scholarly Writing  
Capstone 1-4
Select one option in consultation with you advisor.
EEC 694 (1-2) Alternate Plan Paper
EEC 695 (1-2) Creative Project
EEC 699 (1-4) Thesis
Restricted Electives 9
Chose one track to complete the program.  
STEM Track (9) *Math Track (9) Generalist Track (9)

EEC 536 (3) Engineering for Elementary Teachers
EEC 546 (3) Educational Technology

EEC 650 (3) Integrating Digital Technology into the Literacy Curriculum
EEC 567 (3) Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

*EEC 605 (3) Advanced Practices in Elementary Mathematics
*EEC 644 (3) Assessment & Instructional Strategies in Elementary Mathematics
*EEC 646 (3) Differentiation in Elementary Math
*These 3 courses are part of the Elementary Math Pedagogy Certificate
9 credits in consultation with an advisor
Unrestricted Elective Credits 12
A total of 12 credits are required. At least 3 credits must be in EEC.
The other 9 credits in consultation with your advisor.
Total for Degree 31


For further information please contact
Elementary and Literacy Education Department
Dr. Beth Beschorner
Graduate Coordinator