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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Admission and Advising

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All students must pass through the following gates:

How do I know when to apply for admission through each gate?

Check the number of credits you have. Prepare your application the semester before you anticipate having enough credits.

Admission to the Major


All students must submit a copy of their DARS. Transfer students should submit a copy of their transfer credit evaluation form, which is available from the Campus Access HUB. Elementary Education students must complete the following requirements to be admitted to the major:

  1. Credits: 30 completed
  2. GPA: 3.0 cumulative
  3. English 101: Mininmum of B
  4. CMST 100 or 102: Minimum of B

How do I apply for admission?

When you have completed the requirements for admission to major, bring a copy of your DARS to the College of Education Advising Office in Armstrong Hall 117.

Admission to Professional Education


All students working toward a teaching degree in the Elementary Education major must be admitted to Professional Education prior to enrollment in Blocks. Application to Professional Education should be made when the following requirements have been met:

  1. Credits: 40 completed
  2. GPA: 3.0 cumulative
  3. English 101: Minimum of B
  4. CMST 100 or 102: Minimum of B
  5. Completion of or enrollment in EEC 215, 222W, and Math 201
  6. Completion of or registration for Essential Academic Skills test
  7. Completion of national criminal background check
  8. Proof of liability insurance

How do I apply for admission to Professional Education?

For application and deadlines for Professional Education contact the Office of Academic Advising (AH 117).

Do I have to apply for any courses before the Blocks?

Select courses in the ELE department require applications for admission. These courses generally fill early. Applications are due approximately one month before registration begins. Access forms on the Forms and Applications page and turn them in to the ELE office (Armstrong Hall 328).

Admission to Block One

Block 1 Requirements

Admission to Block 1 is based upon an application process and is competitive based upon cumulative GPA.

Requirements While in Blocks

Continuance throughout blocks is not automatic. Students will be monitored for:

  1. A Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  2. A Professional Education GPA of 3.0 or higher
  3. Successful completion of field experiences
  4. Successful completion of coursework with a grade of C or higher
  5. Evaluation of professional dispositions
  6. Completion of Student Teaching Application 
  7. Completion of national criminal background check