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Collaborative: Communicator, Interdisciplinary, Teacher Leader

The Maverick Educator is a team-player and a skillful communicator, who is able to consider other perspectives and exercise flexibility and willingness to utilize a wide array of communication strategies to effectively work toward a common goal, in and out of the classroom. He or she meaningfully shifts between his or her role as a leader, consultant, coach, mentor and collaborator to help generate ownership, self-efficacy and self-directness in his or her students as well as in other interactions in the school context.

The Maverick Educator demonstrates an interdisciplinary stance toward education, by which he or she helps students see meaningful connections between the subject under study and other subjects within the school, out in the real world, and in the students' own experience-world.

The Maverick Educator encourages students to critically analyze new knowledge and make their own meaning. The Maverick Educator is a leader and change agent, who has a positive outlook on education, who sees challenges as opportunities for growth, and who is an advocate for equity for all students.