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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Innovative: Critical Thinker, Data-based Decision-maker, Life-long learner

The Maverick Educator is a life-long learner, embracing the stance for continuous improvement. He or she applies an analytic method toward teaching and learning; whereby he or she, on a continuing basis, defines goals, examines assumptions, discerns hidden values and beliefs, as well as gathers and evaluates evidence and draws logical conclusions to formulate workable solutions to a complex set of influencing factors.

The Maverick Educator is able to identify relevant criteria, render accurate judgments and see causal relationships in data. He or she understands the importance of validity and reliability of data and the meaningful uses of a given data set for improvement. In addition, the Maverick Educator is endlessly innovative. He or she views failure as an opportunity to learn and views creativity and innovation as a continuous cycle of idea generation that involves testing of ideas, celebrating small successes and analyzing frequent mistakes. The Maverick Educator is a problem-solver, who poses deep questions and who is able to solve a wide range of problems using conventional and novel approaches based upon the nature of a given situation.