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February, 2015

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Updates from the Department of Educational LeadershipiStock

Dr. Candace Raskin, Department Chair of Educational Leadership

2nd Annual Leading Courageously for Racial Equity Conference Distinguished Superintendent Panel Featured The Department of Educational Leadership

Race Equality

The Department of Educational Leadership will be hosting the 2nd Annual Leading Courageously for Racial Equity Conference on Thursday, April 23rd, 1:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at MNUS at Edina.

This year the conference will feature the voices of five superintendents leading for Minnesota students. Their presentation: Racial Equity Leadership: A Personal Journey will provide insight and perspective on their lived experiences as leaders for equity. The featured superintendents include:

  • Willie Jet, Superintendent St. Cloud Public Schools
  • Dr. Bernadeia Johnson, former Superintendent on Minneapolis Schools
  • Michael Muñoz, Superintendent Rochester Public Schools
  • Valeria Silva, Superintendent St. Paul Public Schools
  • Dr. Stephen West, Superintendent Winonia Public Schools

The Department of Educational Leadership invites faculty and staff to join us for this exceptional day of learning from school leaders in the field.

For full conference details and registration information click on the following link

Aviation Department UpdatesiStock

Tom Peterson, Aviation faculty

The Aviation Department has been quite active during this school year. We are scheduled for our initial aviation specific accreditation site visit in late March and have been working diligently to take care of last minute arrangements. Once again, we want to thank all those College of Education folks who helped us get our material organized and presentable. We would not be ready for this visit without the outstanding help and support from the college. With the completion of this accreditation, we will have taken a major step forward in our program with meeting the desires of the major airlines regarding the quality of our program and graduates.

An interesting development this spring which was not expected was the large number of students in our jet simulator course. We have 20 students enrolled in that course, which keeps the simulator running all day just about every day. For those unfamiliar with this training, it very closely follows the training a new-hire pilot would receive at an airline, so each simulator session runs about 4 hours and involves 2 students (the student flight crew) and one instructor. The training is fairly labor intensive for all involved. As always, if anyone would like check out the jet simulator, contact one of us in the Aviation Department and we can set up a time for you to take a look, most likely you can give it a try as well.

The Aviation Department has completed the first semester of flight training where the VA will cover the cost of the flight training for those veterans who qualify. In order to provide this service, the MSU aviation program has been required to undergo several significant changes to the processes and methods used to administer and manage the flight training. Because these changes required major adjustments to financial aid processes, flight record keeping, and completion requirements for all students, it was difficult to know whether the new processes would work well or not. Although a few minor issues surfaced during the semester, overall our adjustments and changes have worked well and we are pleased we can now accept VA students into flight training side of the aviation program. We hope this will help grow our program in a very positive way.

The Aviation Department is excited that we have now established a formal relationship with SkyWest Airlines in their effort to attract many of our graduates to their company. These airline agreements allow students to form relationships with that particular airline before they graduate and complete much of the hiring process while they are still students. The same advantage also extends to our flight instructors who would like to work at SkyWest Airlines as their first airline job. For the student, knowing they already have a job before they graduate is a substantial relief.

MACTE – Minnesota Association of Colleges for Teacher EducationiStock

Dr. Kathleen Foord, faculty member in KSP

What is MACTE?

MACTE is an organization comprised of all 31 teacher preparation programs in Minnesota. Our mission is: 1) To clarify and address issues in teaching and learning; 2) To promote quality teacher preparation and development; and 3) To share the collective knowledge and data of all state-approved teacher education programs.

Leadership for MACTE’s work is provided by a volunteer board whose members are elected for offices and as board members. Kathleen (Kitty) Foord from Minnesota State University, Mankato is the current president and will conclude her two year term in early April remaining on the Executive Committee for one more year as past president.

Teachers Prepared in Minnesota are Profession Ready

To learn more about how teacher preparation programs in Minnesota assure well prepared and effective candidates with extensive accountability please view the document located at:

Check Out Our New Website

Our organization spent the last year revising our website to enhance communication for members and the public. The website has important links to our national organization AACTE for news and resources. MACTE information that may be of interest includes: MACTE legislative position papers, MACTE Minute white papers that are presented to the MN Board of Teaching, Updates from the Board of Teaching and MDE related to teacher preparation, presentation materials from meetings and conferences, upcoming events, and links to MACTE in the news.

Improved Communication, Data, and Advocacy

  • Legislative and Policy Work - Three years ago MACTE started using the services of a part-time policy and legislative liaison, Cyndy Crist, who has shaped our position papers and presence at the state Capitol and in Washington, D.C. She provides weekly updates during the legislative session in Minnesota on key bills that affect teacher preparation for MACTE members and these updates are also available on the MACTE website for other interested people. Our increased presence has resulted in numerous opportunities for MACTE representation in policy decision-making processes.
  • Connecting with Data - A little over a year ago, MACTE started working with The Databank at to build a new data warehouse and powerful communication tools to enhance our communication, research, and advocacy. The data warehouse is nearly finished and members are beta testing the data collection system this month. This will increase the accuracy and access for important data and research. MACTE hosts the Minnesota Teacher Quality Measures (MTQM) portal at which permits prospective students and others to search for requirements needed and for teacher education programs that match their licensure needs. This new data warehouse will assure better information in MTQM.
  • Powerful Communication – One set of Databank tools allows MACTE to send “powermails” which are customized email messages that more effectively communicate with groups of members. Another Databank tool, “action alerts” enables MACTE to guide members in communicating with their legislative representatives when important advocacy messages are needed. We are able to monitor how many action messages are sent as well.
  • Collaborate and Learn with Colleagues to Assure Profession Ready Educators – MACTE hosts meetings and conferences three times each year during which we collaborate and learn. Activities include presentations and discussions with Education Minnesota, MN Board of Teaching, MDE, national and state guest speakers, and with members on current research and best practices. As a result of a discussion this fall with Education Minnesota President, Denise Specht, an article was published in Minnesota Educator asking for increased participation and valuing of student teacher placements by Ed Minnesota members so that quality mentoring and evaluation can assure effective preparation. A follow-up article discussing this same issue appeared in the StarTrib recently. Read the article at:


News and Events from The Center for School-University PartnershipsiStock

Laura Bemel, Acting Director Center for School-University Partnerships

District Leaders explore: What Can We Do Together That We Can’t Do Alone To Develop Great Educators?

During the month of February, key groups of stakeholders gathered to explore possibilities and to strengthen partnerships within our Professional Development School (PDS) system in World Café format.

Southern MN Superintendents and TOSAs: On February 17, superintendents from PDS partner districts in Southern Minnesota and TOSAs from those districts gathered together to reflect on their work and to share ideas and action steps. These groups meet, but the World Café format allowed all stakeholders to learn from each other. This cross-role collaboration unveiled possibilities of maximizing expertise across partner districts. The role of Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) is one of the hallmarks of the Minnesota State Mankato Professional Development School (PDS) model. Master teachers in the TOSA role play an invaluable part in both university and district work. TOSAs are released from their classroom duties to serve as teacher leaders and mentors for teacher candidates from Minnesota State University, Mankato. The impact of these master educators is evident throughout our PDS system.

Bloomington-Minnesota State Mankato: On February 25, TOSAs, Bloomington district leaders and Minnesota State Mankato gathered to reflect upon the partnership and to identify ways to strengthen and grow opportunities for mutual work. Bloomington joined the Minnesota State Mankato PDS Network in 2010. Participants agreed the results of teacher candidate and veteran teachers working together are positive and imagined ways to make more seamless connections between the two institutions.

Upcoming: March 20 Twin Cities Metro Area World Café is an opportunity for small teams from interested Metro districts to discuss possibilities for partnerships across university and k-12 schools. Contact Laura Bemel for more information or to register. or 507-389-5444.


News from Recruitment and Retention—Teachers of Tomorrow (ToT) programiStock

Robbie Burnett, Maverick Recruitment Coordinator
Paulkani Siddela, Teachers of Tomorrow-Program Advisor

Teachers of Tomorrow (ToT) is proud to celebrate the success of ToT teacher candidates graduating this Spring. The celebration is held on April 29th, 2015. Mr. Mohamed Abdinoor K-12 & Secondary Programs (KSP), Ms. Andrea Strong and Ms. Morgan Stampley from Special Education (SPED) and Mrs. Shonita Harper from Early Childhood & Elementary (EEC) are currently student teaching. Three of our teacher candidates are graduating this Spring and Ms. Stampley who is a track athlete will graduate in Fall 2015 as she remains on campus to participates in the track season.

Mohamed Abdinoor
Mr. Mohamed Abdinoor, Social Studies Education

Morgan Stampley
Ms. Morgan Stampley, Special Education

Andrea Strong
Ms. Andrea Strong, Special Education

Shonita Harper
Mrs. Shonita Harper with her husband and daughter. Early Childhood and Elementary Education

During Fall 2014, Teachers of Tomorrow received an approval for Priority registration four-year pilot program. The purpose is to better align plan(s) of study by affording participants although in different places within their plan of study, regardless of major of Early Childhood & Elementary (EEC), Special Education (SPED) or K-12 & Secondary Programs (KSP) to enroll in the same courses/sections. Priority registration serves to provide participants with the access to enroll in same section courses to foster student campus belonging and retention—similar to a learning community model. Placing students in the same class section may have a positive impact on academic progress; increase student persistence and confidence while alleviating barriers such as scheduling difficulties.

Recruitment Events from Fall 2014- Spring 2015

Recruitment event School Potential students interested in MSU
AVID site visit: Grades 9-11 Kennedy High School in Bloomington MN 29
AVID site visit: Grades 9-10 Eastview High School, Apple valley, MN 5
High School visit: Grades 9-11 Cooper High School, MN 3

2015 Teachers of Tomorrow Summer Institute-

TOT Summer Institute