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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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March, 2016

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iStockChildren’s House Updates

Jodi Malecha, Director, The Children’s House

We are staying busy at The Children’s House. In November some of our staff members attended the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Annual Conference in Orlando Fl. As always, we enjoyed the workshops and are having fun implementing all of the ideas and wonderful activities that we experienced.

We are going through the Self Assessment portion of the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) Accreditation Program. We will be having our reaccreditation visit sometime in the summer or fall.

children's house

This summer we will be implementing another stage in our Outdoor Classroom. Last year we installed the outdoor Marimba that was donated for our Music area. This summer we will be adding the stage and storage area. Areas for future development are: Nature Art Area, Gathering Area, Dirt Digging Area, revamping our Garden, and more sensory planting around the playground.

We are planning our spring family picnic. We will be picnicking on our playground in early June.

We are also planning “study bags” for our 60 student staff. These bags are filled with goodies to keep them refreshed as they study for finals.

We were very happy to continue to support MSU students for their lab and observation hours. Since the beginning of fall semester we have served 246 lab students from 10 classes and 103 students fulfilling their volunteer hours for various scholarships, classes, and organizations.

iStockOffice of Field and International Experience Updates

Dr. Elizabeth Finsness, Director, Field and International Experience

International Student Teaching

Student teaching in another country expands our teacher candidates’ experiences and offers the opportunity to broaden perspectives. This semester, thirteen teacher candidates invested in their personal and professional growth and committed to student teach abroad for six weeks. Five candidates, accompanied by Assistant OFIE director, Jayne Gerhke were selected for our Queensland, Australia program, and eight candidates, accompanied by Robbie Burnett, COE Maverick recruitment coordinator traveled to San Jose and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. In addition, candidates in Costa Rica spend one week of Service Learning. Candidates this year cleaned out a yard area and restrooms and painted it limon verde (Lime Green). You may learn about their incredible experiences on Thursday, May 5. Candidates will present media presentations between 1:00 and 3:30 in CSU 201 prior to the International Stole Ceremony.

office of field and international experience updates

Mid-Semester Professional Seminar

Teacher candidates completing requirements for their initial teaching license met in March to seek answers to their burning question from a panel of school administrators and to participate in speed interviews to hone their interview skills.

office of field and international experience updates

Final Seminar

Candidates return to campus on May 6 for their final seminar and Pinning Ceremony. One session for the day will be a World Café for candidates, faculty, and PDS partners. A Word Café is a great way to harvest a variety of viewpoints and information in short period of time. Consider joining us for this lively conversation – more information will follow.

Dates to remember:

May 5 1:00 – 3:30, CSU 201
International Student Teachers share their multi media reports

May 6
9:30 – 11:00, location CSU 245,253/4/5
World Café

2:30 – 3:30, CSU Ballroom
Pinning Ceremony

iStockCounseling and Student Personnel News

Dr. Jackie Lewis, Chairperson, Counseling and Student Personnel

Governor meets School Counselors in District 77


Drs. Walter Roberts and Jackie Lewis attended the meeting with Governor Mark Dayton at Dakota Meadows Middle School on Friday, February 5th, 2016 to celebrate National School Counseling Week. It was attended by Representatives Clark John and John Considine, School Superintendent Sheri Allen, and support personnel including the school counselors, psychologists, social workers and nurses. Dr. Roberts moderated the discussion that allowed Governor Dayton to hear about the needs of the district. Governor Dayton presented MSU Mankato CSP Department alum, Heather Krause, the proclamation declaring February 1-5 National School Counseling Week in Minnesota.

Faculty and Student Awards

  • Breanne Hiivala, a CSP doctoral student received the Fall 2015 Research and Development Grant from the President’s Commission on the Status of Women to attend the American College Personnel Association Conference in Montreal, Canada and the Coalition for Graduate Students and New Professionals Convention Scholarship at the ACPA Convention.
  • Dr. Jackie Lewis received the Diversity Hero Award from the President’s Commission on Diversity, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Mankato, MN

Other Events

Vang T. Xiong, CSP doctoral student, Board of Directors of Hmong Archives & East Side hosted the celebration of the new home of Hmong Archives at East Side Freedom Library at 1105 Greenbrier Street, Saint Paul, on February 10. The move back to the East Side is an important step in making the collections available locally and on the Internet to researchers and visitors interested in Hmong cultural studies.

iStock Elementary and Early Childhood News

Dr. Karl Matz, Professor, Elementary and Early Childhood

Year-long student teaching is rapidly becoming the norm across the country. Students in the year-long experience report better relationships with mentor teachers and greater knowledge about school and district policies and procedures.

This semester's Block III Elementary Education students will be the first cohort to experience EEC's Year-long student teaching program. Student teachers in this program spend 3 days each in the schools during their Block III semester with course work only on Thursdays. Then, during Fall 2016 they will complete their normal student teaching semester in the same classroom with the same mentor teacher. Student teachers are clustered in schools and in grade levels for the purpose of cooperation and collaboration. Of course, if a student teacher has areas that need attention, it is far easier to identify those needs and more time is available to address them. Typically, two to five student teachers are placed in each school.


There are, of course, challenges to putting such a program in place. While mentor teachers were very pleased to accept our students for the extended time, it is challenging to find specific classrooms and schools that are able to accommodate clusters of student teachers.

But the challenges were met and program was put in place thanks to the creative efforts of TOSAs April Rosendale (Le Sueur-Henderson), Molly Meyer and Kari Keller (St Peter), Stacy Collins (Waseca), Katy Coudron (Owatonna), Le Ann Lechtenberg (Faribault) and Jen Frazee (Mankato) -- and EEC's point guard Dr. Peg Ballard.