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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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September, 2016

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iStockDean’s Greeting

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the 2016-2017 academic year. We are continuing to distribute the monthly College of Education InfoBrief. The COE InfoBrief is intended to provide updates, share reports and stories, initiate connections and conversations, and link resources or individuals. It would be wonderful to hear about your work. Please consider engaging in this communiqué by sharing information in a future issue. Brief summaries and updates as well photos can be sent to Jerrad Aspelund

Jean Haar


Robert Hugg, Managing Director, Aviation

Enrollment in the Aviation programs reached new RECORD heights in Fall, 2016 with 202 students actively enrolled! As our enrollment has grown, so has our international student population; our programs now have 53 international students – 26% of our students! We also have 20 students of color from the United States – 14% of our students from the United States are students of color. In all, when we consider our international students of color and our students of color from the U.S., our Aviation Department is proud to have 36% of our students as students of color.

This year, Dr. Jeff Johnson joins us, replacing Dr. Darren Smith who accepted a position at another university. Jeff holds a doctorate in education to complement his extensive aviation experience, credentials, and expertise. As a long time, highly experienced, educator in aviation programming, Jeff brings not only experience to the classroom, but a wealth of real-world aviation industry professional experience to our program. We look forward to watching our students benefit from Dr. Johnson’s perspective, instructional professionalism, and high energy.

This year, the Aviation Department has the luxury of opportunities (woven together with challenges): record enrollment, unprecedented industry demand for our graduates, a record setting and highly diverse international student population, and a high level of interest from international airlines to place/sponsor an extraordinary number of students in our programs in the very near future. We are working, together, on new and innovative program changes to meet these opportunities. We are dedicated to serving our students well, creating new, sustainable, practices to help us navigate the changing needs of industry and higher education, and exceeding the expectations of our students, industry partners, and accreditors. This is the year that Aviation soars to new heights!

iStockFun Facts about College of Education Development Work

Top 10 Countdown

Kristen Dulas, Development Director, College of Education


10. I live by the calendar on my phone

9. I’ve drank more Caribou Coffee with donors in one day than a person should have in an entire week

8. I’ve found out there are multiple Caribou Coffees on one road and I need to specify with donors exactly which one.

7. We have the best Dean of all Colleges at MSU, Mankato!

6. I get nervous to do my first “ask” for a financial gift with a donor

5. I carry a green notebook with me at all times with all the donor visit notes I’ve taken

4. I get a rush meeting a new COE Alum for the first time

3. Listening to our Donor is KEY

2. I’ve met with 52 potential donors since June and put on over 14,000 miles since May.

1. I’m incredibly fortunate to work in Development.

iStock Updates from the Center for Educator Partnerships and Student Support

Laura Bemel, Acting Director


Minnesota Educators Partnership: Advancing Student Success, Pre-k through College.

In an effort to increase clarity of intention and focus, Professional Development Schools partnership has relaunched under the new name “The Minnesota Educators Partnership.” This partnership will work under a renewed focus on teacher preparation, professional development for practicing educators, as well as outreach for teacher candidates. This rebranding will help foster a stronger presence for advocacy for K-20 education and teacher preparation issues, while also increasing awareness both internally and externally of the aims and methods of the former PDS, especially as it pertains to our partner districts. We believe this renewed emphasis on our partnerships will serve as a concrete way to more effectively address the shared needs and goals of all involved. Members of the Minnesota Educators Partnership include the College of Education and the public school districts of Bloomington, Centennial, Faribault, LeSueur-Henderson, Mankato Area, Owatonna, St. Peter, Sibley East, Tri-City United, and Waseca.

Bush Grant: High Quality Field Experiences

The districts of the Minnesota Educators Partnership have received a $150,000 grant from the Bush Foundation for “Investing in High Quality Field Experiences”. The grant was awarded to districts who partnered with a university in the Network for Excellence in Teaching grant awarded in 2010. Through this award, districts will be able to offer a professional growth opportunity for mentor teachers who host teacher candidates from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Professional learning around instructional mentoring, observing and conferencing, analyzing student work and designing effective lessons will equip mentor teachers from the 10 partner districts with focused professional development to enhance how they work with teacher candidates. Teachers will be selected this fall and learning will begin in January 2017. Members of the Minnesota Educators Partnership include the College of Education and the public school districts of Bloomington, Centennial, Faribault, LeSueur-Henderson, Mankato Area, Owatonna, St. Peter, Sibley East, Tri-City United, and Waseca.