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January, 2016

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Book of Education

iStockMilitary Science Updates

LTC Dennis Murphy, Department Chair

The Military Science Department held its 13th annual Veterans 5k event in partnership with Stride and Girls on the Run on 19 November 2016. We also partnered with Army Reserve Recruiting Command and the Army National Guard. We had a record attendance with over 550 runners participating in the event. Maverick Cadets acted as running coaches for kids enrolled in the STRIDE program and were fully responsible for planning and executing this event. This annual event benefits the John Fasnacht Scholarship Fund. Lieutenant Fasnacht is a MNSU graduate killed in action in 2005 while serving in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. We appreciate the support from the University and community. We hope to see everyone out there next year.

13th annual Veterans 5k event 13th annual Veterans 5k event

13th annual Veterans 5k event 13th annual Veterans 5k event

One of our faculty members, CPT John Dart, was selected to attend the U.S. Army Strategic Broadening Program at the United Kingdom Defense Academy in Shrivenham, England. CPT Dart studied “Global Effects on Defense” as part of a syndicate group with 12 British Army Officers. This experience allowed CPT Dart to learn how the Army of our closest NATO ally operates, and be able to share that experience with our Cadets. While in England, he was able to experience some of Great Britain’s most iconic landmarks such as 10 Downing Street, HMS Victory, Stonehenge and Magna Carta.

John Dart in Shrivenham, England Outside photo of the Military Science Department

The Military Science Department had two Cadets selected to attend the Culture Understanding Language Proficiency Program. Cadet Melissa Printup (Major: Psychology) will be going to Panama and Cadet Hunter Hiemstra (Major: Nursing) to Thailand. Every year hundreds of Cadets travel the globe, spending up to three weeks immersed in foreign cultures, learning more about how others around the world view the U.S. and, in the process, learning more about themselves. This program gives students the opportunity to experience host nation military-to-military exchange, humanitarian service, and education on the social, cultural and historical aspects of the country.

Cadet Casey Slowiak (Major: Nursing) was selected to attend the US Army Air Assault School in January. This course teaches students to rappel from helicopters and prepare cargo for transport via sling load. Upon completion of this school he will be awarded the Air Assault Badge. Cadet Logan Tatter was selected to attend the George C. Marshall Seminar at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in March. Cadets will take part in seminars and round table discussions with Army and Defense experts on critical defense and geopolitical matters, and the profession of arms. The exposure to contemporary civilian and military leaders at a high level provides these Cadets unique opportunities they have not received during their college ROTC curriculum.

During the component (Active Duty, Reserves and National Guard) and branching accessions process in September, several Cadets were selected for Active Duty and received their first choice of branch in the Army. Cadets Katelyn Skrien (Major: Social Work), Dave Brazel (Major: History), Paching Yang (Major: Exercise Science), and Logan Tatter (Major: Dietetics) will be branching Active Duty. Cadet Brazel was branched Military Intelligence and Cadets Yang and Tatter were branched engineering. Cadets Bryce Hickman, Evan Broughton, Nathan Evans, Matthew Olson, Jenna Sik, Maggie Walstrom and Evan Wood will be going into the US Army Reserve/National Guard. Branches are pending.

Cadet Brazel

CDT Brazel

Cadet Skrien

CDT Skrien

Cadet Tatter

CDT Tatter

Cadet Walstrom

CDT Walstrom

Cadet Sik


Cadet Evans

CDT Evans

Cadet Wood

CDT Wood

Cadet Broughton

CDT Broughton

Cadet Auch

CDT Auch

Matthew Olson

CDT Olson

iStockNews from the Center for Educator Support

April Rosendale, Interim Director

The Center for Educator Support, in partnership with the New Teacher Center, provides targeted training to faculty and supervisors who work with teacher candidates. The Professional Learning Series, consisting of Instructional Mentoring, Observing and Conferencing, Using Data to Inform Instruction, and Designing Effective Instruction, promotes tools and strategies to accelerate candidate growth in the field. This professional development occurs in two-day sessions over the course of the year and includes access to an electronic platform for data collection and tool utilization. The Center recently added a second tier of trainings for those who have sequenced through the Year One offerings: Creating Conditions for Equitable Instruction, and Advancing Instruction to Support Language Development.

Faculty members at the professional development session

iStockUpdates from the Department of K-12 and Secondary Programs

Dr. Carrie Chapman, Department Chair

The K-12 and Secondary Programs (KSP) Department has revised their student recognition program for those teacher candidates who choose to take advantage of an enrichment opportunity outside of their regular classroom and field experience requirements. The Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Certificate offers teacher candidates a way to explore a topic of interest related to teaching and learning, working alongside a KSP and/or content-based faculty mentor. These students will work as scholars to develop an essential question and jointly create an individual pathway toward identifying answers to that question – research! Scholars’ inquiry will culminate in a product that will be presented in various venues, but will also be recognized at the celebration banquet in April. Recent student inquiry work through the Distinguished Teacher-Scholars program have also resulted in support from the Undergraduate Research Center’s Award and the Minnesota State Foundation Student Research Award. These teacher candidates have investigated such areas as: the role of Art as part of a behavior plan for students in Special Education; how Family and Consumer Sciences resources can be found and utilized within the wider school/community environment; what problem-based learning looks like in a math classroom; what and how games can impact math skills; and how high schools physics classes and curriculum can better support young women's interest and success in physics. Dr. Ru Dawley-Carr and Ms. Stephanie Hanson have taken the KSP faculty lead on revising this program and engaging with students as they begin their exploration into research question areas, and link with other faculty and research problems of interest.

iStockOffice of Field and International Experience Updates

Dr. Elizabeth Finsness, Director

Teacher Candidate Support Network (TCSN) - book study

This Fall, the TCSN has implemented book studies on the following books “The new Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, “Lies my teacher told me" by James W. Loewenand "A good time for the truth” by Sun Yung Shin

The new Jim Crow book cover Lies my teacher told me book cover A good time for the truth book cover

Participants chose one book and created a small study group. At each monthly meeting they discuss part of the assigned readings with their group. The purpose is to continue to gain collective knowledge around racial equity and social justice to support teacher candidates who work in very diverse classrooms during their field experience and student teaching.

Student Teaching Fall 2016:

OFIE placed 76 teacher candidates in EEC, KSP and SPED classrooms in 14 different public school districts. Most of these districts are our PDS (Professional Development Schools). Five of the teacher candidates chose to have a global experience in Costa Rica this Fall. As part of an exchange program with Queensland Technology University in Australia, five Australian students arrived in Mankato to student teach in Rosa Parks Elementary in District 77, Mankato.

Final seminar:

As a part of the final seminar on December 9th, we had Abdul Wright as the keynote speaker in the afternoon. He is the 2016 Teacher of the Year from North Minneapolis Public Schools. He is an eighth grade Language Arts teacher. He holds the title of being an Instructional Coach and Data Team leader as well as a teacher. He has taught Language Arts for the past five years. Mr. Wright strives to make a positive difference in impoverished communities, while also endeavoring to be the best version of himself. He completed an African American Leadership program in the Spring of 2016. A Hamline University graduate, he earned a degree in Bachelor’s degree in Education Communication Arts and Literature in 2011. He received the Minneapolis PeaceMaker award from the city of Minneapolis in 2015, and received the “You’ve Made a Difference” award from Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in 2015 and 2016.

Abdul Wright

Abdul Wright, Minnesota Teacher of the year

iStockRecruitment and Retention Updates

Robbie Burnett, Maverick Recruitment Coordinator

As the Director for Recruitment and Retention for the College, Dr. Robbie Burnett is a founding member of the Coalition to Increase Teachers of Color and American Indian Teachers (TOCAIT) in Minnesota. Dr. Burnett serves on the Core Steering committee and Policy committee of the Coalition. Grounded in the comprehensive platform above, the Policy team has been engaging with Legislators in an effort to secure authorship for it’s two E-12 and Higher Education bills. Both bills are in alignment with and support the State’s current legisltation of Higher Edcuation Attaintment Goal and World’s Best Workforce & Career Readiness Goal. To get invloved with the coalition visit

Mr. Eniola “Eni” AdenusiCongratulations to Mr. Eniola “Eni” Adenusi, Teachers of Tomorrow @ Edina program participant. Eni Graduated in December with a degree in Elementary & Early Childhood Education. He will begin his teaching career in St. Paul Public Schools this fall. The Teachers of Tomorrow (ToT) program continues to be an exemplar of how MSU, Mankato’s College of Education is engaging in and supporting efforts to advance teacher diversity in Minnesota.

GOAL: By 2020, double the number of teachers of color and American Indian teachers in Minnesota (currently approximately 2,200 or 3.8% of all teachers), and ensure that at least 20% of those in teacher preparation pathways are persons of color and American Indian (approx. 1,500 candidates).

The Coalition to Increase Teachers of Color & American Indian Teachers in Minnesota


The Coalition to Increase Teachers of Color & American Indian Teachers in Minnesota

Communities, Districts, Organizations, Institutions and Individuals United and Organizing for Change Around a Common Goal towards Closing Opportunity Gaps and Achieving Equity