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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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February, 2017

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Book of Education

iStockCounseling and Student Personnel News

Dr. Jackie Lewis, Department Chair

CSP Research Collaborations Promote Mental Health and Career Development

Faculty and students in the Counseling and Student Personnel department are currently engaged in research designed to promote the mental health and career development of high school students and adults. For instance, Dr. Rick Auger, along with CSP doctoral alum Dr. Nick Abel, and Brandie Oliver from Butler University, have completed a study that examined the attitudes of more than 3,000 middle and high school students’ willingness to seek help from their school counselor. Meanwhile, in collaboration with Wendy Schuh of Health Services, Dr. Diane Coursol is using videoconferencing to provide mental health services to college students who are not physically on campus and Dr. Ann Miller is studying the preparedness and comfortability towards Death with Dignity among counselor educators, site supervisors/counselors, and counselors-in-training about.

In the area of career development Dr. Kerry Diekmann is examining the career experiences of feminist-identified women, especially about how adversity experienced and networks of support are instrumental in their career trajectories. Meanwhile, Drs. Lewis, Coursol, Lindstrom Bremer, and doctoral students Breanne Hiivala and Heather Kaasa are examining the relationship between the career beliefs of college students and their perception of the role of chance on their career decisions. In related studies, Dr. Lewis is collaborating with Dr. Sherriese Truesdale-Moore of the Department of Sociology and Corrections to examine the experiences of ex-offenders on college campuses. Together with doctoral student Heather Kaasa and Matt Clay of IT Solutions, she is also designing a study about the use of virtual reality in promoting career development and major choice among college students.

Virtual reality equipment

Doctoral student Heather Kaasa and Matt Clay, IT Solutions test the virtual reality equipment

iStockAccreditation Updates

Dr. Carrie Chapman, Accreditation Coordinator

The process of Accreditation is a continual and on-going process for many of our programs and state or national accreditation units that have impact within the College of Education. The Aviation Department received program accreditation at the national level with the Aviation Board Accreditation International (ABAI) and the Counseling and Student Personnel (CSP) Departments is working towards their own national re-accreditation with CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs) – with a probable on-campus visit in Fall 2017. Both of these processes are diverse, on-going and very time intensive for all faculties. The Department of Education Leadership also continues to monitor, assess and evaluate their program components for the state of Minnesota Administrative Licensure credentials through the Minnesota Board of School Administrators.

For those departments with teacher licensure programs (Elementary and Early Childhood – EEC; K-12 & Secondary Programs – KSP; and Special Education) that are monitored and accredited both at the state and national level, the most immediate data input for program renewals was completed with the Minnesota Board of Teaching in late Fall 2017. Each of these programs within the College of Education and the related academic content programs within the Unit, have input their total program information along with newly required on-going program assessment information into the state Educator Preparation Program Application System (EPPAS). The EPPAS system plays a critical role in meeting the reporting requirements of the Board of Teaching and in assisting individual university programs with the maintenance of program data over time. With much help from program coordinators, faculty, and Jerrad Aspelund in the Dean’s Office – all of the licensure program data has been input and submitted to the Board of Teaching for final approval during Spring, 2017. We hope to have all programs approved this spring with any feedback needed to improve our data collection, analysis and reporting capabilities. A full listing and report on program approvals and future needs will be sent out as soon as complete information is received from the Minnesota Board of Teaching.

Additionally, our yearly reports related to professional licensure are all being prepared for an April, 2017 submission to the national data bases. The Title II Report, Educator Preparation Providers (EPP) report the Professional Education Data System (PEDS) report through the Council for the Accreditation of information may be requested and then provided results back to each program throughout this spring. The College of Education Office of Assessment and Research and the Accreditation and Evaluation Advisory Board will be taking the lead on these reports. These continual processes move forward with much assistance from everyone involved in all programs in the College of Education. All of these efforts contribute to the College of Education’s preparation for a Fall 2018 Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) visit for national accreditation and a Fall 2019 Board of Teaching (BOT) visit for continued full state accreditation. If you have any questions about any of these accreditation processes, please feel free to email Carrie Chapman,


Dr. Mymique Baxter, Student Relations Coordinator

The Academic Advising Office facilitates academic advising, orientation & registration. We guide our students through the process of setting and achieving meaningful educational goals that are consistent with personal interests, values and abilities.

Mission of the Academic Advising Office

To assist and support College of Education (COE) students with admission to educational programs, general education course selection, academics and recruitment & retention.

Notable Achievements:

The Advising Office works with over 600 students a year with academic assistance.

Professional Education:

The Academic Advising Office also manages admission Professional Education for all initial teacher licensure programs, COE variance requests, professional communications and COE Policy, Procedures and Review.


  • For the upcoming 2017-18 academic year the COE will be awarding over $150,000 dollars in scholarships to College of Education scholars.

Students can apply for scholarships at:

1. MSU General Application
2.Teacher Education General Education Application

Community Service:

  • Homework Helpers - A free tutoring program for K-12 students.
  • Saturday Study Buddies – A weekly family event with story time, arts & crafts.
  • Dr. Seuss Day – A university wide collaboration focused on children’s literacy and learning. Over 250 kindergartners from around the Mankato Area celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday by participated in a fun filled day of story time and arts & crafts.
  • Literacy Day - A day sponsored by COE future educators focused on literacy and learning.