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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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April, 2017

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Robert Hugg, Managing Director, Aviation

The Aviation Department has been busy this academic year building sustainable pathways to ensure the very best in preparation and support for our students. Through careful and intentional design, meaningful dialogue and vision-setting, and meticulous planning the department has accomplished three major goals for our students this year:

  • Our Aviation Program now has three separate employment “pipelines” for our students: from our program to employment with Endeavor Airlines, Republic Airlines, and SkyWest Airlines. We are also are currently in substantive talks with Delta Airlines for a similar partnership agreement.
  • The MSU Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment designated our departmental assessment plans and reports as University Exemplars. As Minnesota State schools seek assistance and guidance on best practices, MSU now sends copies of our assessment plan as THE MSU best practice!
  • The department successfully completed the RFP process (occurs once every 5 years) to select a vendor to provide flight training for our students. This intricate, complex, intense, and high visibility process took a full year and resulted in a multi-million dollar contract (one of the largest at MSU) and, most importantly, best-in-class education, training, and support for our students.

As a result, these examples (and more) set the stage and the pace for continuous improvement and sustainable excellent preparation and support of our students. To paraphrase President John F. Kennedy, “we do not do these things because they are easy, we do them because they are difficult.” They are also the right things, and the healthy and productive things, we can do for our students.

iStockMankato in the Mountains!!

Kristen Dulas, Development Director

On Thursday April 13th Bill Sederburg, a 1969 Minnesota State University, Mankato graduate hosted 29 Alumni over to his house for an evening of Mankato related conversation in Asheville, NC. At a minimum you could call Bill an enthusiast and supporter of Higher Education as the last role he served in before retiring was the head of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. He’s a Midwest guy, but has traveled all around as he served as President for a few Colleges and Universities. His father Marion Sederburg also worked for a number of years at the University and taught at the Wilson Campus School.

Bill did a great job hosting the Alumni event and even managed to get President Davenport and Kent Stanley to fly in for the great evening. The stories from the attendees were great. We even had preprinted name tags with their year book photo on the tag. It was a hit and great conversation piece for everyone.

I spent a few days out in North Carolina and South Carolina meeting with other Education graduates and getting things ready for the gathering. Bill is very proud of our University and spoke very highly about his start from Mankato.


iStockChildren’s House Updates

Jodi Malecha, Director

Fall semester was a busy one as we prepared for our NAEYC (National Assoc. for the Education of Young Children) reaccreditation visit. Our visit was successful and we have achieved reaccreditation through January 2022.

We also did a search for 2 Lead Teachers this past year. We are happy to announce our 2 newest team members: Brittney Anderson in our older Preschool classroom and Katlyn Schnitzler in our Toddler classroom. They both began in January and have already made great connections with our children and parents.

We are very happy to continue to support MSU students for their lab and observation hours. Since the beginning of fall semester we have served 170 lab students from 8 classes and 46 students fulfilling their volunteer hours for various scholarships, classes, and organizations. We have also hosted 6 student interns from Social Work and Family Consumer Science. This semester we have also served as the lab for a research project on the effects of birdsong on children’s behavior.

This spring and summer we have big plans for our outdoor classroom. We will be installing the stage to join our 15 key Marimba that stands 30” tall in our Music and Movement area. We are also hoping to make some changes to our garden. We hope to replace some of our garden beds with raised garden boxes. We will keep one for our pie pumpkins. We have to make our home made pumpkin pie! It is so much fun watching the transformation of our outdoor classroom. If you have time to come over and see it in action, remember that we are here all summer!