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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Teacher Licensure

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Minnesota State University, Mankato urges you to apply for Teacher Licensure as soon as you complete the program and additional requirements. Standards for teaching evolve and change therefore you may qualify for a Minnesota Teaching License today but if you wait to apply you may find that standards have changed. What that would mean is that you may no longer qualify for licensure. If that becomes the case it could require you to take additional coursework, testing, and/or other requirements.


Want to know more about our Licensure Programs?

Minnesota State University, Mankato offers a number of teacher licensure programs. For a list of programs and contacts please go to our Licensure Areas webpage.

For information about our add-on Kindergarten or 5-8 middle school options visit our Elementary and Literacy Education Minors, Endorsements, and Certificates webpage.

For information about out K-12 & Secondary programs including Graduate Programs please visit our Educational Studies: K-12 Secondary Programs webpage


You have completed your program and are ready to apply.

We request that you go thoroughly through the following pages to find out more about the application process. As future teachers we know that, you know, the importance of following directions. 


Initial Licensure and Add-on Applications  have been changed to a Tier System. Go to this link for contact information

Other Licensure Types-Explains the steps if you are applying for Kindergarten Endorsement, School Counseling Applicants, Administrative Applicants, students who have graduated more than four years ago, if you want to come back to school to get licensed in teaching, applicants coming from another state and applicants applying to another state. 

It is also advised that you familiarize yourself with the information found on the PELSB Website,