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Frequently Asked Questions

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The purpose of this page is to answer the most commonly asked questions about licensure. We recommend that you go through these questions to better understand what you need to know about Licensure. Here is the list of general categories. 


First Time Application Process:

How do I start the application process? 

The application is on the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board website. PELSB uses an online system where you will create an account. For a step by step of the process please visit our First Time Licensure web page. 

Am I allowed to start my online application with PELSB before my degree posts?

You can start your application ahead of time just please note that you have 60 days to complete the process. The process includes gathering and completing all documents and sending it all in to the University. You must also allow up to 2 weeks for the University to verify your application. You cannot send in the hardcopies to the University until your degree posts. 

What is the Cover page?

Once you create your account you will be able to download your Cover page. [PDF] Example (164 KiB)

What is the verification page?

The Verification Page is also created by the PELSB application process. [PDF] Example (472 KiB)

Where do I find the Verification Page? 

In order to get to the Verification Page you must go to your Cover page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find your check off list. Click on the Verification Page [PDF] Link (924 KiB)

Do I fill out the Verification Page?

The top portion of the Verfication page is all you fill out. The bottom portion is filled out by us at the University. [PDF] Example (75 KiB)

I am having trouble with/logging on to my Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) Account?

Unfortunately, we at the University cannot help you with this. The PELSB online system is handled directly by PELSN Please call them at 651-539-4200

Can I just email my application?

No, because first time applicants need to submit a fingerprint card which cannot be submitted electronically.

I already have a substitute license, do I need to get my fingerprints done again?

No, once PELSB has a copy of your fingerprints you do not need to submit another copy. Please note if you had a Substitute or Limited License then you should be using the Add-on application

 My application and payment expired.

Please note that once you start your application online you have 60 days to complete it or you forfeit your payment. If you have any problems with your payment online you will need to contact PELSB directly by calling 651-389-4200. 


Add-On Licensure Application Process:

How do I start the application process?

The application is on the PELSB Website. You will print it and fill out the parts that pertain to you. For a step by step of the process click here

Am I allowed to start my online application with PELSB before my degree posts?

Yes, because it is a paper application you can start it ahead of time. You can't submit the hardcopy documents to the University until your degree posts. 

Can I just email my application?

No, Page 5 of your application requires the signature of the applicant that cannot be “Copied or Electronic” therefore only hard copies can be accepted. You also need to submit a check along with the application.

Which parts of the Application do I fill out and send in?

Page One- Fill out. Do not forget to “enter your field” at the bottom of the page. [JPG] Preview (593 KiB)
Page Two- Leave blank. This is to be filled out by us, the University. 
Page Three- For first time Administrator Licensure Applicants only. So fill this out if this is the first time you are applying for any of the following: K-12 Principal, Superintendent, and/or Director of Special Education Licensure. [JPG] Preview (510 KiB)
Page Four- Fill out completely and check off questions. Read information on page pertaining to additional information.
Page Five- Check off remaining questions and make sure to sign bottom of this form. [JPG] Preview (541 KiB)
Page Six- Complete only if it pertains to you and your circumstances. 
Page Seven- Complete only if it pertains to you and your circumstances. 
Page Eight- Keep for your records 
Page Nine- Keep for your records 
Page Ten- Keep for your records 

Who fills out page three?

This is filled out by an "authorized official" who can verify that you have had "three years of successful classroom teaching experience". If you have additional questions about this please contact PELSB at 651-389-4200. 

I have questions about renewing my Licensure

Please refer all renewal question directly to The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board 651-389-4200.

Do I need to use a different application to renew my license?

If you are adding licensure and renewing your older license at the same time then you can use the same application. Please refer to the bottom of page one. [JPG] Preview (570 KiB)


General Questions about Licensure:

How long does the application process take?

At the University Level your application can take up to two weeks to process. If there are complications with your circumstance or if we have to contact you for additional documentation not included with your application then it can take longer. Once your application is sent up to PELSB they estimate that it can take between 8 to 10 weeks. 

Can I come in person to drop off my application?

Yes, you can come in person to drop off your application but please note that it will not be verified the same day. You can drop it off with the Teacher Licensure Official or if they are not in leave it with the front desk staff.

Will I receive a phone call or an email telling me that MNSU has recieved my paperwork for Licensure?

No, due to the sheer number of applications received in our office our focus is to process the applications as quickly as possible. Calling or contacting each applicant will slow that process down.

Will I receive a phone call or an email telling me that my application has be sent to MDE?

No, due to the sheer number of applications received in our office our focus is to process the applications as quickly as possible. Calling or contacting each applicant will slow that process down.

I already have a job lined up, can you process my application first?

No, our applications are processed on a first come basis. A large percentage of our Teaching Licensure Applicants have a job prior to graduating. We take everyone’s need for employment very seriously and equally. Please rest assured that we are getting through everyone's application as quickly as possible. If you supply all of your supporting documents that are requested then we will be able to process your application faster. 

Do I need to include an envelope or stamp?

No, you will not need to include either an envelope or stamp. We will take care of the cost of mailing your application to PELSB. 

Can I come in person and have someone sign off on my form?

No, the verification process is not a quick signature. We must connect with various entities on campus to make sure that you qualify for licensure therefore it will not be done in a specific amount of time.

I am getting married and applying for Licensure within three months of each other. Do I use my old name or new name?

Unfortunately each name change is unique. You will need to contact PELSB directly to find out what they advise you to do. 651-539-4200. We at the university licensure office ask that you attach an extra note telling us both names so it makes it easier when discussing your case with PELSB. This note does not officially change your name with MNSU records. You will need to contact Campus Hub to find out how to do that. 

I have a felony/misdemeanor on my record. Will this affect my ability to get licensure?

Unfortunately we will not give you any input in this area. You will need to contact PELSB for this question. 651-539-4200

What is a Plan of Study?

The Plan of Study lays out the students coursework for licensure. Plan of Study is primarily for those in the KSP program titled Graduate Teacher Licensure (GTL) Candidates. Students in a Graduate level SPED program will also have a Plan of Study. 

What can I do to speed up my application process? 

In addition to submitting ALL the requested paperwork, make sure to attach a note to your application informing the college of anything that may be amiss with your application. i.e.:

 - I took and passed my MTLE exam but they won’t officially post for another week on Jan 26, 2010.
 - My name has changed since I took classes.

What does Graduate Teacher Licensure Candidate mean?

Graduate Teacher Licensure Candidate is often abbreviated to GTL. These are students who have received their Bachelor's degree in another area that is not teaching but then come back to school to receive a teaching degree. It is a KSP program.

Which form of communication will get me a faster response?

Email. Phone calls will be returned at a specific time of the day while emails can be returned throughout the day.

I submitted my application 4 weeks ago how can I get an update?

Please check your online account on the PELSB website for updates. You can also call PELSB at 651-539-4200.


Transcript questions:

Will I need to get an Official Transcript from MNSU?

No, you will not be required to submit an official transcript from Minnesota State University, Mankato. You only need to submit an unofficial transcript specifically requested from Campus Hub, that has your degree or specific coursework posted. After you recieve your unofficial transcript you will have to submit a hard copy with your application. Current students applying while they are completing their coursework do NOT need to submit an Unofficial transcript. 

What is an OFFICIAL transcript?

An official transcript is a transcript that comes directly from the college. It must be sealed with a college seal. An electronic official transcript must be sent from the college directly to the Teacher Licensure Official. It cannot be a copy you find in your records or of a transcript you previously had. 

Is an E-services transcript (Academic Record) and a Campus Hub Transcript the same thing?

No, E-services is more of list of your coursework.We need a Campus Hub transcript which is cleaner and easier for PELSB to read.[PDF] It looks like this. (46 KiB)

Are "Fax or Mail" the only two options for me to recieve my unofficial transcript from Campus Hub?

No, you can write "EMAIL" under the category that asks, "Receive Transcript by". The thing you must note is that they will only email it to your MNSU email address. Contact Campus Hub directly if you have additonal questions. 

Can I have Campus Hub Fax or Email my unofficial transcript directly to the Teacher Licensure Official?

No, you will need it sent to you and you must submit all your paperwork together. If you forgot to submit the correct transcript with your original application and are adding it to your application you must indicate that with a note to add the transcript to your file that is on "HOLD". 

Where would my "Degree Post" on my transcript?

Your degree will show up on the top of the left side of your transcript. [JPG] example (524 KiB).This does not always apply for endorsements or add-on licensure. If you have questions about whether your specific education will show up on your transcript please ask your advisor.

When will my grades/degree post to my transcript?

Posting of degrees varies however a general timeline is your grades should post 1 week after your final day of class and then your degree should post within 3 weeks of that date. 

My degree should have posted already but it hasn't shown up?

If you have questions about grades or degree posting please contact the Registrar's Office. 

If I find out that my add-on licensure will not be an actual degree on my transcript, when can I send in my application? 

You can send it in as soon as all your grades have posted. 

I took coursework at other colleges. Will I need to submit all of those transcripts?

In order to determine which transcripts you will need please refer to your Course List Check off. If any of the courses listed under your area were not taken at MNSU then you will be required to get an OFFICIAL transcript from the Institution you took the substitute course at. For any Graduate students applying for Initial Licensure. You will need to submit an official transcript from the college your recieved your Undgrad Degree from unless you recieved it a Minnesota State University, MANKATO. 

Where do I get official transcripts?

Because each institution varies on how you can request official transcripts you will need to contact them for specific directions.

MNSU already got a copy of my Official Transcripts from my other University, why do they need another one?

This is something that tends to confuse applicants. Yes, MNSU most likely has an Official transcript from your previous institution however that transcript was given to Minnesota State University, Mankato (MNSU) for MNSU’s purposes and it is illegal for MNSU to make a copy of that transcript for any other purpose than for MNSU. Because the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board is not MNSU we are not legally allowed to submit the transcript to them. PELSB will need you to submit a sealed Official Transcript for PELSB's records.

I have an extra opened copy of an Official Transcript, will that work?

No, we need an officially sealed transcript from your previous Institutions. 

My other University offers electronic versions of an Official Transcript, will that work?

Yes, this is a convenient technology you can utilize however you will need to communicate with the Teacher Licensure official prior to requesting them. The transcript must come straight from the requesting university to e-mail Communication between the applicants to the Teacher Licensure Official is important because most online requests have a 30 day expiration date in which they must be printed. It is the applicant’s responsibility to communicate so that the transcripts are printed and put in your record.

 Do I mail my official transcripts directly to PELSB?

No, your transcripts and application must arrive to PELSB together. You will need to request that the transcript be sent to us at MNSU. We will then mail all your items to PELSB together in one packet. 

ATTN: Marisel Riquelme

College of the Dean's Office

118 Armstrong Hall

Mankato,MN 56001



Do I have to resubmit my fingerprints if PELSB got them when I applied for my Substitute/Limited Licensure?

No, you will not need to resubmit your fingerprints if PELSB has them. If you've already had a Substitute/Limited Licensure then you should be applying using the Add-on Licensure application which does not require you to submit fingerprints. 

I was told that I can get my fingerprints done at our end of the Year Pinning Ceremony? 

This is an option for current program completers. Yes this is true to find out details on times and cost please pay attention to e-mails. 

Do I have to wait for the Pinning Ceremony to do my fingerprints?

No, you can take care of your fingerprints at any time. You can get a fingerprint card from your local law enforcement office or pick up a card at the College of Education Dean's Office, AH118. To get fingerprinted you will need to go to any Law Enforcement Center. In order to find out specifics about fingerprinting in your location please contact your local law enforcement office. You can also get fingerprinted oncamps by campus security. Contact them directly for details and setting up a time. 

If I get my fingerprints done early can I submit them so that I don't have to keep track of them?

No you cannot submit your fingerprints in early. They must arrive along with the rest of your application when you qualify to apply. 


Licensure Testing Questions:

I didn’t pass all my MTLE Exams what do I qualify for?

If you have taken your MTLE exam but have not passed your MTLE exam. Then when you apply for licensue PELSB will give you a 1 year teaching license instead of a 5 year teaching license. You must have attempted all of the exams to qualify. THIS IS CHANGING JULY 1, 2018. To learn more about this change visit PELSB's website or contact them directly. 

Do I have to wait until my MTLE exams officially posts?

Yes, when you leave your exam you will be given a date when your test scores will officially post.  The sheet of paper that you are given when you leave your exam is not official therefore we must wait for the “Official Posting”. Pearson's will e-mail you a Score report. 

Will the University receive a copy of my exam scores?

When you register for each exam you are asked who you would like to send your results to. It is your responsibility to select Minnesota State University, Mankato. When Pearson's e-mails you your official score report on the upper right hand side it indicates which Institutions received a copy of your scores. Click here to see [PDF] example (950 KiB).

What's the difference between Official and Unofficial posting of scores?

The dates of when your scores officially post are established by Pearsons. We at the university cannot legally sign off on your licensure until your scores are OFFICIALLY posted. When you leave your exam you are given "Unofficial Test Results" document. It is your responsiblity to find out when your scores will officially post. You will then recieve your official score report in email format from Pearson's. Click here to see the difference between [PDF] Unofficial test results (245 KiB) and what we need your [PDF] Official Score Report (944 KiB)

 How do I find out when my scores will officially post?

When your scores officially post is determined by Pearsons. You will need to visit their get results webpage and look at the "score reporting schedule". All questions about scores reports etc. need to be directed to Pearsons. 


Course Check Off List

Do I have to fill out a Course Check Off List?

Applicants for all areas need to include it along with their application with the exception of, Kindergarten Endorsement, School Counseling or Administrative (School Principal, Superintendent, Director of Special Education or Director of Community Education) applicants. They do NOT need to submit a Course Check Off List. Also Current students who take advantage of the Intent to Apply Process will not have to submit it. 

What if I took a course more than once?

If you took a course more than once because you did not pass the class the first time you will only need to document the time you took the course and received a passing grade.

There is a course listed on the form that I was not required to take, what do I do?

There may be some courses listed under the Check off list that you were not required to take. Your job is to document the courses that you did take. If there are courses listed and you know why you didn't take them then you will need to write it on the form. For example if the course was substituted for a course you took at another college or if the course was waived for some reason. Please document that on the form. If it's a long explanation use the back of the form or attach additional pages. If there are courses you just didn't take and you don't know why just leave them blank. 

There is a course listed but I pretty sure it is wrong can I just cross it off and put the course I think it is?

No, the courses listed follow a formula established by our agreement with PELSB. Please respond to the courses listed on the sheets. If you did not take the specific course then leave it blank and write an explanation on the back of the form. 

All the courses I took are not listed on the Course Check off List?

We do not need information on all your courses, just the ones listed on the form.

I have course that I didn't take but I don't know which course at my other college subsituted for that class. 

If you don't know for sure than leave it blank. You can write a note with your thoughts on the back of the Course Check Off List as that will give us some direction. If you don't have any idea then once again just leave it blank. 

I am getting a license in two different areas. How do I choose which one to fill out?

No, you must fill out a form for each area you are applying for licensure in. So if you are getting an Elementary Education and Middle School Math you would need to do both forms for Elementary Education and Middle School Math.

I am filling out two forms because I have two areas I’m getting licensed in but there are the same courses listed on both sheets. Do I skip them if they are repeated?

No, fill out each form independently and put in the information it is requesting in each area.