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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Page address: http://ed.mnsu.edu/licensure/newfield.html
Steps to adding licensure fields to an existing Minnesota teaching license
  1. Contact faculty advisor who is identified as Contact Person for the target field
  2. Meet with Contact Person.
  3. If changing grade levels in your new area of licensure, additional Professional Education coursework and an abbreviated student teaching or internship may be required
  4. Take MTLE Subject Exam
  5. Download and complete the form entitled, application to add a field to an existing Minnesota License; attach the $57.00 processing fee, and send to Marisel Riquelme in the College of Education Dean's Office (118 Armstrong Hall).  We will complete section 5- "Recommendation for Licensure" and forward onto the Minnesota Department of Education.  They will then update your license to include the new area. for license and submit to College of Education Dean's Office, AH 118

Adding Kindergarten

Elementary teachers holding a grades 1 to 6 license who complete a kindergarten methods course will need to submit the usual licensure endorsement application including the college recommendation.

Adding 5 - 8 Middle School

Minnesota State University, Mankato, currently offers 5-8 minors in three areas, as follows:

  • 5-8 General Science
  • 5-8 Communication Arts and Literature
  • 5-8 Mathematics

5-8 Social Studies is not offered at this institution

 Students Currently enrolled in the 5-8 add-on licensue

  • Adding grades 5 to 8 to an existing K-6, 7-12, K-12 or new field requires three courses,  content coursework and a passing score on the Minnesota Teacher Licensure Exam.
  • ***Please note, all licensed teachers seeking the 5-8 add-on will need to take the following course work along with any content course work that has been identified through a review of their transcripts.****
    • EEC 410 Philosophy and Practices in the Middle School (3 Credits) The middle school concept, curriculum, and teaching methods 
  • OR
    • KSP 646:  The Middle School (3 credits).  This course is designed to provide inexperienced and experienced educators with greater insight into the unique position of the middle school in the US system of public education.
    • EEC428/528:  Content Area Reading (3 credits).  the course focuses on practical, best practice strategies to help learners be more successful with textbooks and other kids of reading materials.
    • EEC 494 Student Teaching Middle School ( 4 Credits). Student teaching in a middle school field in a middle school setting.
  • OR
    • KSP 648 Field Experiences in the Middle School (3 credits).  This 100 hour field experience will provide opportunities for practicing teachers with a current MN teaching license to put theory into practice in a 5-8 environment.  Candidates may need to complete a background check.
Other Licensure Fields

Contact faculty advisor or see program's website.