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Starting College?


Welcome to the College of Education at
Minnesota State University, Mankato -- dedicated
to ensuring that today's classrooms foster bright futures.

Successful students, strong schools and healthy
communities have at their core passionate educators
who excel at what they do. These vital leaders
are the legacy of Minnesota State Mankato's
College of Education, and we're eager to
help you learn more about joining this exciting environment.

We encourage you visit us on campus. It's simply the best way
to see how we work, how our responsibility for students, schools
and communities is demonstrated in:

  • a strong involvement with area schools
  • our role as a source for ongoing data and research that helps teachers,
    administrators and policy makers reach informed decisions
  • a celebrated mentoring program, inspiring and refreshing working teachers.

To arrange a visit, please click here for College of Education contact information. You can also visit the Web pages for the University's undergraduate admissions office or Graduate Studies admissions office as well.

Selecting Your Path

Our reputation for excellence shows in the range of students who seek out the College of Education -- from the graduating high school senior to the career-changing business veteran. All are welcome in the pursuit of successful students, schools and communities.

As you consider your goals in education, the College can help design the ideal path. Explore all the programmatic options available to you in the college by first selecting one of the four primary areas of emphasis below. Once you select an area of emphasis, you'll see more detailed information related to your personal background and objectives -- for example, if you're seeking a bachelor's or master's degree, or if you're seeking a certain type of licensure. So no matter what your background or academic credentials, begin by selecting one of the four areas below.

As you'll see, the College of Education at Minnesota State Mankato offers many opportunities for pursuing different academic and career paths. Regardless of your individual situation, we'll be eager to help you find the program and path to connect you with your goals in education.

Thank you for your interest in Minnesota State Mankato and the future of education.

NOTE:If you are considering transferring to Minnesota State Mankato from another academic institution, please contact our Office of Academic Advising for more detailed information. This office can also inform you about articulation agreements that are designed to facilitate transitions from specific schools to Minnesota State Mankato.

Areas of Focus

Begin the process of exploring the academic and professional opportunities in the College of Education by first selecting one of the four primary areas of focus below:


A. Undergraduate -

Bachelor of Science degree (Student has graduated from high school, is enrolled at Minnesota State Mankato, and is seeking a bachelor's degree and initial licensure to teach.)

  1. Early Childhood
  2. Elementary Education
  3. Development & Cognitive Disabilities (Special Education)
  4. 5-12 and K-12 Secondary Education
  5. 5-8 Middle School


1. Certificate program (Student already has a college degree [bachelor's or master's] and is seeking initial licensure to teach.)
2. Master of Arts degree in Teaching (Student already has a college degree [bachelor's or master's] and is seeking a master's degree and initial licensure to teach.)
3. Master of Science degree (Student already has a college degree [bachelor's or master's])

A. If student already holds a teaching license:

B. If student is seeking initial licensure:

Counseling (Graduate Only)

A. Certificate program (Student already has a master's degree and is seeking to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist [LMFT] .)

B. Master's of Science degree (Student has a college degree [bachelor's or master's] and is seeking a master's degree and licensure to become a professional counselor.)

C. Doctorate degree -- Ed.D. Program (Student has a college degree [typically a master's in counseling or student affairs] and is seeking a doctoral degree and possibly licensure)

Educational Leadership (administration and experiential education) (Graduate Only)

A. Certifcate program (anticipated)
B. Master's of Science degree -- (licensure and non-licensure) Licensure programs are available for principals, superintendents, special education directors, and community education directors.

C. Specialist degree -- This is an advanced degree, which requires a master's degree for admission. Those graduate students with a master's degree from another field may need additional credits to complete the specialist program.

D. Doctorate degree Ed.D. Program -- This doctoral program is designed for educational practitioners who seek an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership in order to obtain positions as PK-12 public school administrators, leaders of alternative educational organizations and charter schools, administrators of nonprofit organizations, administrators in higher education, leaders in experiential education organizations, or as university/college faculty.

Specialty fields

1. Undergraduate

  • Aviation -- Prepares students for positions in the air transportation industry, including airline operations and management, corporate aviation, airport management, and government operations.
  • Military Science -- Offers leadership courses built into your standard college coursework. You can try the program and the Army for the first two years with absolutely no obligation. However, a wide variety of options are available to those interested in becoming an officer in the United States Army.

2. Graduate

  • Cross-Disciplinary Studies for Educators -- The MS program in Cross-disciplinary Studies permits students to combine courses from two academic areas, and provides an educational experience that might not be provided by a graduate program with a single area of emphasis.
  • Add-on licensure -- Enables a student to add a licensure field to an existing Minnesota Teaching License.