Undergraduate Programs

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Normandale Community College
Linette M. Manier


Inver Hills Community College
Heather M. Bandeen


Minneapolis Community & Technical College
Kristine M. Snyder

The undergraduate program is 5 semesters long. Students will begin the program by completing the first semester at a community college (please see our community college partners listed on this page). Relationships  have been established and course offerings developed to meet the requirements of the ABS program.  Once accepted into the program and upon beginning coursework at our Edina location (7700 France Avenue), a full-time commitment is needed from students for 4 semesters. The program is run as a cohort model; all students admitted at a given time go through the program together following the same sequence of courses. Please visit the links below to find out more about the program. Applications are due each fall on October 15th for admission into the program beginning spring semester.

Sean Wachsmuth PhD, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Department of Special Education
Minnesota State University, Mankato
318L Armstrong Hall
Mankato, MN 56001

Phone: 507-389-5449
Fax:      507-389-5888

Email: sean.wachsmuth@mnsu.edu

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please see links to community college partners on the right.  You will begin your ABS program preparation with one of these partners.  The first semester is completed at a community college. 

[PDF] ABS Program Introduction and Overview (130 KiB) (Begin here to learn about the program, general education requirements, and more for all those interested in the special education undergraduate program on Edina campus.)                                                                                                                                                   

[PDF] Undergraduate Application Form (48 KiB) -  EDINA (to apply, begin here)

[PDF] Professional Reference (150 KiB) - (for application)

[PDF] Essay Prompt (91 KiB) - (for application)

[PDF] Admission Processes (72 KiB)(more about this when you are accepted in the program)