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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Course Descriptions

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1st Semester (BLOCK I)

SPED 401 (4) IEP Writing and Professional Practice

This course will introduce teacher candidates to different aspects of being a Special Educator, including writing Individualized Education Program plans, working collaboratively, addressing strategies for working with paraprofessionals, and developing an understanding of collaboration including co-teaching, and using technology in the classroom to assist student learning.

SPED 408 (4) Individuals w/Diverse and Exceptional Needs

Designed to provide an introduction and overview of the characteristics and educational needs of children and youth with diverse and exceptional needs in the public school. The course introduces Minnesota Graduation Standards Rules in relationship to the needs of students with diverse and exceptional needs.

SPED 409 (4) Learning and Human Development for Diverse Learners

Introduces students to theories of learning and human development as they relate to regular and diverse learning populations. Students will acquire an understanding of the many factors that affect learning and human development and strategies that can be used to enhance learning for all learning populations.
Diverse Cultures - Gold

2nd Semester (BLOCK II)

SPED 410 (4) Assessment, Evaluation, and Individualized Planning for Diverse Learners

Provides the student learner with the knowledge and skills to assess the individual needs of the student learner and to design an educational program based on the assessment information collected. Emphasis will be placed on providing the student learner with the opportunity to learn and administer a variety of norm-referenced and criterion-referenced test instruments and apply test results to developing individual education programs for a variety of learners with diverse educational needs.

SPED 412 (4) Due Process, Planning & Design of the Individual Education Program

Provides student learner with the knowledge and skills to plan, develop, and implement the IEP for a student with mild to moderate disabilities. In addition, the student learner will develop an understanding of the alternative dispute processes in the state of Minnesota. The student learner will learn the legal requirements of the IEP process and parental participation including a) how to operate the IEP process ,b) conciliation process, c) participation in mediation, and d) due process as outlined in IDEA 2004. Legal issues and requirements will be discussed.

SPED 448W (4) Behavior Management and Learning Environments for Diverse Learners

This course is designed to teach pre-service special education teachers the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis as well as classroom management skills that foster positive interactions among students in pre-K through 12th grade. Students will learn to conduct behavioral assessments and report results through professional writing.
Writing Intensive

SPED 411 (4) Effective Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom

Describes and demonstrates strategies that teachers can use to differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of special learners in an inclusive classroom. Course will also examine the latest knowledge related to intelligence, creativity, holistic education and classroom differentiation.

School Field Experience

3rd Semester (BLOCK III)

SPED 404 (4) Instructional Decision Making

This course provides the student learner with the knowledge and skills necessary to make effective data-based decisions within the instructional context. Students will gain training in and knowledge of instructional decision making at the individual and systems level.

SPED 407 (3) Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

This course is designed to teach the principles of Positive Behavior Supports and Intervention planning. Students will learn how PBIS can be applied at the school, classroom, and individual levels. Students will apply learned information to identify successful interventions.

SPED 333 (4) Transition Plan/Secondary Methods for Students w/Mild-Moderate Disabilities

This course is designed to teach secondary assessment, instructional, and transitional planning methods needed by students in the undergraduate program of study in Special Education- Academic and Behavioral Strategist. The course focuses on strategies that promote choice and quality of life for young adults with mild to moderate disabilities. 

SPED 414 (4) Literary Methods for Inclusive Classroom: Diverse Learners

Provides an introduction to reading and language arts instruction for special needs and other students in an inclusive classroom. As a result of taking this course, students will be able to plan and implement effective literacy lessons and utilize a variety of differentiation strategies.

School Field Experience

4th Semester (BLOCK IV)

SPED 406 (4) Strategies for Teaching Learners w/Special Needs: Reading and Writing

This course teaches how to select and apply specific evidence-based reading and writing strategies for students with mild/moderate disabilities. Students will learn basic instructional principles behind validated instructional models and how to use these models in different instructional settings.

SPED 413 (4) Professional Growth and Development for Teachers of Diverse Learners

Introduces students to methods and strategies for personal and professional growth and development. As a result of taking this course, students will be able to a) engage in reflective inquiry for personal and professional growth, b) identify and demonstrate dispositions necessary for teaching special needs learners, c) understand the cultural, social, and other environmental effects on learning and human development, and d) use strategies for personal and professional growth.

SPED 422 (4) Strategies for Teaching Learners w/Special Needs: Math and Science

This course provides instruction in the connections between critical content concepts, standards, research-based practices in mathematics and science, and students with mild-moderate disabilities for the purpose of developing goals and objectives in order to implement effective instruction.

School Field Experience

5th Semester (BLOCK V)

SPED 458 (4) Seminar: Student Teaching

Focuses on competencies, strategies, issues and trends to prepare the student to teach persons with mild to moderate disabilities.
Coreq: SPED 449

SPED 459 (8) Student Teaching: Mild and Moderate Disabilities

Focuses on documenting the university student’s ability to apply the knowledge and skills learned in coursework and teach youth with DCD in the public school. The university student will assess students with DCD, develop individual goals and objectives, design instructional units and lesson plans, implement instruction in the LRE, and evaluate the effectiveness of instructional interventions.