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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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The Children’s House program is based on the philosophy that an individual develops best in an atmosphere of care, trust and respect. This atmosphere can best be achieved by demonstrating caring behavior through mutual respect that allows each child to grow to his/her fullest potential.

The Children’s House provides a model of rich service to young children, parents, and to undergraduate and graduate university students who wish to develop their skill in helping children attain their potential according to each child’s learning style.

For the young child, this means that the program at The Children’s House is experiential and provides “hands-on” activities with an emphasis on furthering cognitive ability through learning-by-doing. The program builds upon the knowledge and skills the children have already developed and provides opportunity to extend these skills. Specific goals of the program are:

1. To help children achieve and appreciate success as they improve the mastery of tasks appropriate to their development in the areas of math, science, technology, literacy, creative arts and physical development.
2. To help children develop an inquiring mind and to provide practice in problem-solving skills.
3. To help children accept personal responsibility and develop the ability to work and organize work, independently.
4. To help each child establish satisfying and successful social relations with children and adults.
5. To help children develop the language skills necessary to succeed in a group.
6. To help each child develop a concept of him/herself as a worthy individual, a good friend, an eager learner, and a willing participant in activities.

Assessment is an integral part of our program to support children’s learning and development of curriculum. We use a variety of methods such as observations, work samples, photos, conversations with parents, and Teaching Strategies GOLD Online Assessment Tool.

We recognize each parent is valued as an individual and is highly respected as the child’s first teacher and strongest advocate. The Children’s House program is committed to provide support for parents and is vigorous in the attempt to strengthen families. We invite each parent to spend time in their child’s classroom, sharing a meal, exploring their child’s favorite activities, reading a book, or sharing a favorite family tradition with their child’s peers.

For the university student, opportunities are provided for ongoing training that will contribute to the quality of performance as teachers of young children and to the personal and professional growth of each student. These strategies provide opportunities for students to match appropriate forms of teaching and environmental design to children’s learning needs.

The Children’s House will pursue its mission of service to young children, parents and the students who foster their development, in close collaboration with the Minnesota State University, Mankato mission of excellence in teaching and learning