Planning and Students' Learning GC

The graduate certificate provides educators with research-based skills and frameworks to meet the instructional, assessment, and technology needs of diverse student populations with the goal of creating equitable student-centered learning experiences. The program is available to all teachers who wish to broaden their knowledge base, enhance their classroom performance and better serve the needs of all learners. 

Courses within the Graduate Certificate in Learning Communities and Leadership examine effective approaches that increase student-teacher, student-student, and student-community relationships, how to develop, lead, maintain, and sustain learning communities, and examine the role of the professional teacher as leader and scholar. Courses are presented online through the university course management system.

Program Requirements

Common Core

Learners will develop effective and equitable instruction to improve student achievement through differentiated, critical thinking, cooperative, and problem-based curriculum and instruction. Learners will learn about and apply best practices to meet the needs of diverse student populations through increased student-teacher, student-student and student-community relationships. Learners will explore, recognize, and mitigate personal and cultural biases in instruction practices in order to apply effective and equitable student-centered learning.

Prerequisites: none

Learners will explore, recognize, and mitigate personal and cultural biases in their learning environment assessment practices. Learners will use technology to align their assessments with state or national standards to develop clear and compressive learning goals which support equitable learning opportunities. Learners will create and align assessments, communicate results to learners and stakeholders, and use results to support learners┬┐ continuous growth.

Prerequisites: none

Learners will use theories and research-based methods to examine and align curriculum, standards, instruction, and assessment to meet the needs of a diverse student population.Learners will explore, recognize, and mitigate personal and cultural biases in curriculum. Learners will develop cohesive curriculum, instruction, and assessment which aligns to school improvement plans and/or mission and learning principles.

Prerequisites: none