Educational Technology in the Classroom (GC)

The Educational Technology in the Classroom Certificate is for the licensed teacher to effectively utilize technology into the classroom. The program helps prepare students for integrating technology into the classroom and using digital tools to differentiate instruction and assessment.

Program Requirements

Common Core

This course includes in-depth modules presenting various applications for the classroom. Current software applications and hybrids will be explored to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each. This course establishes both theoretical and practical application and integration of technology into the classroom.

Prerequisites: none

This course will provide the students with a philosophical, professional, and practical framework for the integration of computer technology into differentiated instruction in the K-12 classroom using integrated instruction and web-based software. Students will explore learner characteristics, student needs and elements of differentiated instruction and will design and implement differentiated technology-integrated lesson plans.

Prerequisites: none

All formats of information technology for educational settings-learning about interactive video, microcomputers, computer networks, Internet, electronic information including bibliographic data bases, electronic newspapers, online encyclopedias, and distance education.

Prerequisites: none