Shawna Petersen-Brown, Associate Professor | School Psychology Doctoral Program Director

Address: 103G Armstrong Hall
Phone: 507-389-1353


Dr. Petersen-Brown joined the School Psychology Doctoral Program in 2014. Dr. Petersen-Brown received her Ph.D. in school psychology from University of Minnesota in 2013 and worked as a school psychologist at the elementary and secondary levels in the Twin Cities. Within the school psychology program, Dr. Petersen-Brown currently teaches Foundations of Academic Assessment, Academic Problem Solving, and Child Mental Health: Assessment to Intervention, as well as supervising various practica and field experiences. Dr. Petersen-Brown’s research team focuses on the implementation, selection, and design of academic interventions for students at risk for or exhibiting academic difficulties. She has published research in several major journals in school psychology and special education, including School Psychology Quarterly, Journal of Learning Disabilities, and Journal of Behavioral Education. Dr. Petersen-Brown serves on the editorial board of School Psychology Forum.

Published Research

Curriculum Vita



  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2013 (APA-Accredited, NASP-Approved)

Areas of Interest

  • Use of assessment to inform the selection and design of academic intervention.
  • Implementation variables that impact the effectiveness of academic intervention
  • Interventions that support the development of reading skills

Courses Taught

  • Psyc304 Introduction to School Psychology
  • Psyc433 Child Psychology
  • Psyc436 Adolescent Psychology
  • Psyc490 Workshop on School Violence
  • Psyc705 Principles of Academic Assessment
  • Psyc720 Academic Problem Solving
  • Psyc770 Child Mental Health: Assessment to Intervention

Selected Publications/Presentations

  • Petersen-Brown, S., Johnson, M. E., Bowen, J., Lundberg, A. R., Nelson, J., Williamson, A., Wiswell, J. M. (2021). Is repeated reading evidence-based? A review of the literature. Preventing School Failure, 65, 379-391.

  • Petersen-Brown, S., Henze, E. E. C., Klingbeil, D. A., Reynolds, J. L., Weber, R. C., Codding, R. S. (2019). The use of touch devices for enhancing academic achievement: A meta-analysis. Psychology in the Schools, 56, 1187-1206.
  • Petersen-Brown, S., Lundberg, A. R., Ray, J. E., Dela Paz, I. N., Riss, C. L., Panahon, C. J. (2019). Applying spaced practice in the schools to teach math vocabulary. Psychology in the Schools, 56, 977-991.
  • Petersen-Brown, S. & Burns, M. K. (2019). Enhancing maintenance and generalization of sight words taught with incremental rehearsal: Applying the depth of processing and generalization framework. School Psychology Quarterly, 34, 307-317.
  • Petersen-Brown, S., Panahon, C. J., Schreiber, C M. (2017). Effectiveness of incremental rehearsal when implemented by a paraprofessional. School Psychology Forum, 11, 52-62.


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