Jacqueline Tomas

Jacqueline Tomas is currently teaching third grade at Centennial School District while pursuing a graduate degree in Elementary Education.


Jacqueline enjoys teaching third grade because she can grow as an educator and watch her students grow as well. "Third graders are right in the sweet spot between being lower and upper elementary. They always have creative ideas and are still curious about what their experience in school is going to be."


As a new teacher in the field, Jacqueline has learned to give herself credit for her successes and that there is always something to be grateful for. Her best advice for undergraduate students considering teaching as a career is to be ready to grow. "Consider your ‘why’ to becoming a teacher and trust yourself. It's going to have challenging moments, but so many rewards." Along with this, Jacqueline’s favorite quote is, “I always remind myself to be for the underdog.”


Outside of teaching, Jacqueline enjoys playing board games, hanging out with friends, and helping on her parent's backyard hobby farm.


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