College of Education Decodes the Data

COE Workday Promotes Data-Driven Decisions

October 18, 2020 |

The College of Education Workday will be held October 21st, 2020. The COE Workday focuses on efforts the college puts forth in assessment, recruitment, accreditation, and retention. This year’s workday theme, ‘Decoding the Data: Putting the Numbers to Work,’ emphasizes making data-driven decisions to support the college’s initiatives. 

Taking place virtually through Zoom, this workday will feature cross-departmental conversations regarding data collected surrounding recruitment and retention. COE faculty Laura Maki and Kyena Cornelius will lead a segment to discuss program accreditation. There will also be breakout sessions led by numerous faculty and staff that allow for the team to have open discussions and ask questions.

Through this workday, the college looks to find areas of improvement and make decisions on how to better those areas. The data collected within the college is used to make program-specific decisions. This data includes the number of students applying and being accepted to programs, what the retention rates of those students are, and the demographics of students. This contributes toward the continuous stride toward program accountability, along with the College of Education’s mission and vision statements.

The workday also allows the college to look deeper into the data on how and where students are placed in local school districts for student teaching. The college continuously strives to accommodate the needs of local partner districts and students. Feedback from school districts and students helps to make improvements with future student placements.

Having an open discussion across departments and reflecting on the data can change methods and assist in making goals within the College of Education.  

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