MNSU Cadets Participate in Fall Field Training Exercise

Event Offers Leadership and Skills Training

October 12, 2020 |

The Military Science and Leadership program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, held its annual Fall Field Training Exercise. 59 cadets completed the training held September 24-27 of 2020 at Camp Ripley in Minnesota.

The Fall Field Training Exercise focuses on leadership development and different skills training. The event is mainly geared toward cadets in their third year of the program. Third year cadets experience several days of activities and requirements in preparation for their advanced training camp which occurs next summer. These cadets learn leadership of a formation, examine their current capabilities and strengths, and reflect on what they need to improve for the future summer training.

Throughout the training exercise, senior cadets practiced soldier tasks that would help them with their decision making and management skills. They also had the chance to practice leading a platoon formation through a scenario based Situational Training Exercise where cadets learned how to manage a formation through a stressed environment in order to complete the assigned mission.

Freshmen and sophomores in the program had the opportunity to preview what is going to be expected of them as they progress through the ROTC program. These cadets familiarized themselves with basic solider skills and expectations. They had the opportunity to witness how the army works as an organization and how units are trained in the field.

Video Featuring the fall field training exercise 

In an interview, cadets Leah Reynolds and Joseph Farniok shared their experiences of the training exercise and the program. Cadet Farniok said this training exercise helped him reach training points to prepare for advanced camp. He became familiar with tactics, as well as day and night land navigation. This event helped him make the transition into leadership experiences by putting him into more leadership roles and in-depth situations. As a first-year student, cadet Reynolds learned basic skills, with squad tactics training at an introductory, step-by-step level.

Lieutenant Colonel Carmona March, Military Science and Leadership Department Chair, said this Fall Field Training Exercise helps cadets in many aspects that will allow them to become better leaders. The ROTC program welcomes all students. LTC March encourages any students interested in military science to participate in one of their events.

“The cadet leadership will guide them if they have any questions about the program. The ROTC program builds future leaders. This program offers a great way for students to learn about leading organizations, gain self-confidence and overcome challenges to succeed in anything,” LTC March said in an interview.

Cadets have a broad spectrum of majors, and there is a diverse population of different degree paths students follow. ROTC encompasses all students and teaches leadership to those who want to pursue being an officer in the army, while providing an open and positive learning environment.

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