COE Student Shares Advice for the Transition to Online Learning

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April 09, 2020 |

Minnesota State University, Mankato, and the College of Education recognize this may be a challenging time for students as they make the transition to online and alternative learning methods. We strive to continue to provide students with the resources and guidance they need through the changes being made due to COVID-19 protocol. 

We reached out to Jasmine Harris, a sophomore elementary education major, who shared her advice and tips for her fellow students during this time. 

Using planners, calendars and making to-do lists are great ways for students to stay organized. Jasmine said using these three strategies ensures she gives herself enough time to complete all of her work for the week and better visualize what she needs to accomplish. 

Jasmine said that maintaining a normal schedule with sleeping and eating is also important in helping her keep up with classes and school work. She thinks continuing with your normal routine will help you stay on top of everything. 

Finding time for herself is also important for Jasmine. She said students should take time to do something they enjoy or something that helps them relax, like reading a book or watching Netflix. 

Photo of Jasmine's new study space

Photo of Jasmine's New Study Space

“There is a lot of stress and unknown during this time that we are dealing with in the world. It can be extremely overwhelming and cause a lot of anxiety. This is why it is so important to still find time for yourself to relax and ease your mind. It will help you go about your life more peacefully and allow you to be successful in your academics as well,” Jasmine said. 

One positive message Jasmine has for fellow students is that this time is a learning process for everyone. 

“We are all going to grow and learn together through this difficult time. All that we can do is trust the process, and be hopeful for the future.”

Below are additional resources MNSU has provided to assist students: 


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