Instructional Technology and Design (GC)

The Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology and Design responds to the growing needs of P-16 education, public and non-profit organizations, and business industry in providing instruction and training development.

Program Requirements

Common Core

This course will include analysis, synthesis, and definitions of the systems designs approach to structuring learning environments. Students will review and understand the ADDIE process and the history of Instructional Design and instructional models used in educational and training modules. Students will be able to define the field, describe the origins and history of the field, discuss leading research and researchers in the field, and describe and analyze at least one ID model for its strengths, weaknesses, and application.

Prerequisites: none

Students will identify, evaluate, select, use, adapt, and create game and simulations projects for thematic units, lessons, trainings, and other technology-rich, inquiry-based learning opportunities.

Prerequisites: none

Students will study the theoretical models and processes for the design and development of computer-based instruction (CBI). Students will analyze and evaluate software development tools and will create a CBI lesson plan.

Prerequisites: none