Project PASS-IT scholars will need to take the following courses as a group, in additon to meeting other program requirements. 

  • Year 1, Fall: SPED 646 Advanced Instructional Methods for Learning Disabilities (4 cr)
    • In this course, scholars will gain knowledge and skills needed to utilize evidence- based practices with students who have LD and a need for intensive academic
  • Year 1, Spring: PSYC 720 Academic Problem Solving (4 cr)
    • In this course, scholars will learn and apply a data-based approach to problem solving academic problems.
  • Year 2, Fall: SPED 590 (1 cr)
    • This weekly topical seminar is designed to provide discussion, skill development, and analysis of the components needed to implement academic and behavioral interventions within a problem-solving model.
  • Year 2, Spring: SPED 590 (1 cr)
    • This seminar course is a continuation of SPED 590 from the previous semester. Scholars will remain in their problem-solving teams and continue to consult with each other on their respective cases.