Message from the College of Education on George Floyd's death

College Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

May 30, 2020 |

Dear Members of the Community:

 George Floyd’s death reflects the cruelty of racism. As a College of Education, we are grieving with so many others over his murder and the impact of violence felt by communities of color. The intensity of the injustice is overwhelming, and the need to address institutionalized racism is more relevant than ever.

As a college, we have a responsibility to address racial disparities. With our vision, to inspire lifelong learning and professional engagement through racial consciousness, social justice, and inclusion within a global context, we are intent on establishing an anti-racist environment focused on preparing racially conscious professionals who will respect and care for all people. This work has never been more critical. George Floyd’s tragic death reminds us there is much that remains to be done. 

We will continue to strive for a different reality, with relentless hope for a day when such brutal tragedies are not commonplace in America.

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