Tracy Peed, Ph.D., Department Chair

Address: AH 107F
Phone: 507-389-5240

Professional Excellence

  • Ph.D. (Counselor Education and Supervision), Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois
  • M.S. (Counseling), University of Wisconsin -- Whitewater, Wisconsin
  • B.S. (Political Science and International Relations), University of Wisconsin -- Madison, Wisconsin


  • Intersection of School Counseling and Young Mental Health
  • School Counselor Site Supervisor Training, Professional Identity Developement, and Site Supervisor Self-Efficacy
  • Supervision - University, Site, Triadic, or Group
  • Counseling, Teaching, Mentoring or Advising LGBTQIAA+ Clients and Students
  • Professional Identity Development and Experiences of Doctoral Students in Counseling Education and Supervision


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