5 Reasons for Aviation, B.S.

Acquisition of airmanship knowledge, skills, and ability while in college develops professionalism, responsibility, self-reliance and marketable skills for early career progression, and provides important experiences which ensure a level of understanding and competency essential to becoming an effective leader in an aviation profession. Not convinced? Here are five more reasons to get a B.S. in Aviation.  

  1. Salary
    The median annual salary for a 5-year commercial airline captain at Delta is $266,280. Entry level pilots at regional airlines can expect to earn between $81,000-$90,000.

  1. Professional Mentors 
    Minnesota State Mankato’s Aviation faculty are all certified, experienced flight professionals. They take a hands-on approach to ensuring students get the most out of their education and are equipped with the tools necessary to thrive in the professional world.  

  1. Job Ready Training 
    The Department of Aviation’s unique capstone program for pilots includes 50 hours in a CRJ-700 jet simulator. The course mimics what a new hire at an airline would receive, ensuring graduates a smooth transition from training to professional flight.  

  1. Travel and Excitement 
    Not only will you fly all over the world, often airlines have generous flyer discounts for pilots and their families. Flying is never mundane; every day is different and exciting.   

  1. Affordable aviation program  
    Minnesota State Mankato is competitive in the market when it comes to cost, but personalized education, mentorship and top training tools bring our overall value miles above the rest.