Background Check

All students involved in field experiences, volunteering, or tutoring programs offered by the College of Education will be required to have, at minimum, one background check completed before involvement in these opportunities.

The type of background check will depend on the type of field experience. The two (2) types of background checks are either a state or a national background check.

Students involved in any field experience need to undergo a national criminal background check before admittance to professional education.

Minnesota Background Check Procedures (no fee)

The Minnesota Background Check must be conducted for all candidates before involvement in 200 Level field experiences, volunteering, or tutoring programs offered by the College of Education.

Note: This is not the National Background check and is not acceptable for admission into professional education nor use with field experiences beyond the 200 Level experiences.


National Background Check Procedures (fee paid to CastleBranch by student)

Please refer to the “CastleBranch Instructions” PDF document below for instructions to complete the national background check. Note there are two options in your program area – one for Initial when completing the background check for the first time and one for Renewal when needing to renew your background check.

You will need to have a credit card ready to process your request. The cost for an initial background check is $39.50 and renewal is $19.75.


Students may need to update their background check as required by the Office of Field and International Experience. A National Background Check must be conducted within 12 months of the start of the student teaching semester.

Background Check Information