Clinical Lab Facility

The CSP clinical lab facility has been and continues to be in development for over three decades. The lab with its rich history and state-of-the-art technology is meant to augment and enhance the training of students in both the Masters and Doctorate programs. Students can benefit through clinical labs that are professionally appointed to simulate role play counseling sessions. All simulated counseling sessions with students are video recorded for review both collectively and individually. Formative assessments that are utilized highlight paperless documents with the use of iPads.The labs central control area makes it possible to control all cameras, sounds, and recordings with an iPad. The lab is also equipped with a bug-in-ear technology which allows students to gain direction throughout a simulated counseling session with the use of headsets. Our most recent innovation has been the introduction of apple watches to assist with an unobtrusive way to coach, train, and prepare masters and doctorate level students in the acquisition of counseling diagnosis and assessment skills.