K-12 Principal Licensure

The Specialist in Educational Leadership degree is designed to develop school leaders who demonstrate racial competence and the experience, expertise, and tools immediately relevant to lead today’s racially diverse schools. Completion of the specialist degree leads to a recommendation for administrative licensure as a Minnesota K-12 Principal.

Delivery Model

The educational specialist degree for administrative licensure is delivered using a online cohort model. The classes are held on Saturdays, one class in the morning and one class in the afternoon. The classes meet face to face, five times per semester, with the remaining coursework to be done collaboratively in small groups and/or in schools.

Types of Administrative License

K-12 Principal


New cohorts for Specialist in Educational Leadership begin each fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Typical Plan of Study

Course Numbers Course Semester Credits
EdLd 671 Introduction to School Administration Semester 1 3
EdLd 672 Policy and Administration Semester 1 3
EdLd 673 Leadership and Special Programs Semester 2 3
EdLd 674 Supervision and Administration Semester 2 3
EdLd 665 Legal Issues in Administration Semester 3 3
EdLd 698 Internship in Administration #1 Semester 3 3
EdLd 679 Advanced School Administration and Finance Semester 4 3
EdLd 682 Field Based Research Semester 4 3
EdLd 698 Internship in Administration #2 Semester 5 3
EdLd 670 Portfolio Review - Situational Observation Semester 5 3
    Total Credits 30

Application Requirements

Completed a master’s degree from an accredited university.

Minnesota Administrative Licensure Requirements

The Educational Specialist degree, plan of study is designed to meet the Minnesota State Statue requirements for administrative licensure.

In addition to completing the coursework in the plan of study, students must hold a teaching license and have 3 years of documented teaching experience.

Students who do not meet the teaching license requirement can meet this requirement by completing an additional teaching internship course, EdLd 697 Internship in Teaching.

Applying to Graduate School

To apply to the graduate school, visit Graduate Application Instructions.

You will need to submit the following materials to the College of Graduate Studies:

  • Application for Graduate Study
  • Official transcripts from institutions(s) you have previously attended.
    • Transcripts can be mailed directly to:
      Office of Admissions
      Minnesota State University, Mankato
      122 Taylor Center
      Mankato, MN 56001
    • Transcripts can be e-mailed directly to:
  • $40.00 nonrefundable application fee

In the application check that you are seeking an Educational Specialist Degree. The proposed graduate Department/Program: Educational Leadership/Specialist. The term you wish to enter is the preferred start semester. Your student status will be full-time.

For additional information/Q&A regarding the Specialist in Educational Leadership program, please contact:

Dr. Beatriz DeSantiago-Fjelstad
Educational Leadership Coordinator of Specialist Programs
beatriz.desantiago-fjeldstad@mnsu.edu   |   952-818-8878