Center for Educator Partnerships and Student Support

The Center for Educator Partnerships and Student Support (CEPSS) acts as a liaison between P-12 institutions and post-secondary programs involved in educator preparation, and focuses on developing and supporting partnerships between the College and schools/communities.


The purpose of CEPSS is to support our students by acting through the lens of racial equity and social justice. 


We seek to build relationships that connect schools and communities to our students, staff, and faculty in order to provide equitable outcomes in education for all students P-20.   


COMPASS is a navigational concept which supports our students along their equity journey for entry into professional programs through graduation. 

Centers/Offices Associated  

  • Center for Educator Partnerships and Student Support (CEPSS)
  • Center for Educator Support (CES)
  • Office or Field and International Experience (OFIE) 
  • Office of Recruitment and Retention 
  • Office of Academic Advising 
  • Office of Assessment and Research


Events and Media

View the Partnerships magazine and learn more about upcoming events.

TOSA and Fellow Program

The TOSA/Teaching Fellow program aims to meet the needs of partner districts and the University by releasing P-12 master teachers from their classroom duties for a minimum of three years to work directly between the University and the partnering school district.

Teachers of Tomorrow

Learn more about the vision and mission for the Teachers of Tomorrow, TOT program.

Message from the Director

Welcome and introduction from the Director of the Center for Educator Partnerships and Student Support.