Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar

It is not enough to change an isolated behavior. What is important is the thinking that caused the behavior. Cognitive CoachingSM gets to the core of what actually impacts teacher learning and growth: teacher cognition. Rather than attempting to “fix” isolated behaviors, this approach enhances the cognitive processes that produce these behaviors. Coaches support and enhance long- term sustainable growth for teachers and success for their students. At the heart of this training is the concept that we all have resources which enable us to grow and change from within. Cognitive CoachingSM is a powerful approach to enhancing performance of all school staff members. 

The eight-day series serves to extend and enrich the mentor/coach’s capacity to promote and develop self-directedness in those they serve. Using communication structures that get to the heart of the thinking process, the planning, reflecting, and problem resolving tools help those being coached to access internal resources and prompt thinking at higher levels. All eight CCFS sessions must be taken in sequential order.